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The Future Is Here: Why Organizations Should Adapt a Hybrid Work Model

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In 2020, the surge of the COVID-19 pandemic changed people’s lives from constantly connecting with their loved ones, friends, and colleagues to isolating themselves at home doing the best they can to make a living while keeping themselves and their families safe. It was a tough time for everyone, including businesses and organizations. The world came to a halt and people were clueless about what is ahead.

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What’s a Nonprofit Executive Search Firm and Why Nonprofits Should Hire Them Over Standard Headhunters?

Hiring the right people is an organizations’ most important asset. For this reason, nonprofits need to be rigorous in determining highly qualified and competent talents in suitable positions. Given the potential of the right person in senior leadership roles can accomplish, organizations need to invest not only time but also the necessary resources in attracting and assimilating those leaders.

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10 tips and tricks to power up your nonprofit’s social media strategy from a conservation media expert Are you looking for the right approach for your conservation project, and the best way to engage with like-minded people who believe in…

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Role of HR in an Agribusiness Expansion Agribusiness includes technical & labor-intensive activities that are required to optimize production. Agribusiness expansion, therefore, requires HR departments to conduct proper planning of workforce requirements in all sectors of crop and livestock production.…

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Based on a series of studies, breathing polluted air impedes work productivity which is not only limited to the field but also in offices. Although this makes perfect sense, it only recently has the damage been documented. With this in mind, how can managers protect their employees from health risks arising from air pollution?
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Human Resource Management in Nonprofit Organizations: HRM's main task is securing the availability of HR quantitatively and ensuring that the workforce is of desired quality level appropriate to costs. Since NPOs depend on human performance to fulfill their quality expectations and to reach an acceptable level of costs, how can HRM, which was initially conceptualized for business, be transferred to NPOs?
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Climate Change affects Global Economy: Did you know that based on ILO's World Employment and Social Outlook 2018, climate change threatens 1.2 billion jobs? Learn how Climate Change cost us and what's being done.
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