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CARRHURE’s sole dedication lies in a singular
mission: to discover the ideal leaders for your


At CARRHURE, our unwavering commitment lies in sourcing top-notch professionals for diverse roles, from mid-level to executive positions in Development Aid (NGO, Not-For-Profit, Multilateral, and Bilateral organizations). Our core objective is clear-cut: fostering client and candidate relationships founded on trust and integrity thus, when the need arises to identify the right fit following the organization’s culture and change.

Our expertise centers on globally recruiting leaders with specialized Agriculture, Health, and Climate Change knowledge. Leveraging our broad-ranging capabilities, we effortlessly extend our reach across continents to fill any leadership position you require. With a wealth of experience, in-depth processes, and a steadfast philosophy, CARRHURE is the perfect solution to fulfill your unique needs.


  • COMPREHENSIVE SECTOR EXPERIENCE: Our expertise spans various domains, including agriculture, environment, biodiversity, climate change, and health.
  • DIRECT ENGAGEMENT: Our approach involves the active participation of our dedicated Director General throughout the search process. In contrast to some other firms, we prioritize the direct involvement of our experienced leader to ensure a smooth integration of your success with ours.
  • GLOBAL COLLABORATION: Despite operating from multiple global locations, we function as one cohesive unit, delivering seamless and unified services from every corner of the globe.


Our search process involves putting the client’s needs first, ensuring objectivity, thoroughness, and confidentiality. Since its inception, we have fostered strong partnerships and open communication channels with our esteemed clients and candidates. Our unyielding commitment to quality, our process-driven approach, and our keen understanding of local dynamics and project contexts constitute our exceptional track record in identifying fitting candidates and executing timely searches.


We initiate the search process with a pre-search analysis, setting the strategy and timeframe while reviewing the job profile. Prospective candidates are identified for outreach and engagement.



Recruitment efforts are calibrated through early client feedback, leading to candidate presentations, interviews, and evaluations. Progress reports are provided throughout the search to keep clients informed.



In this process, we guide the client in the selection of their finalists. The candidates are then contacted for interviews and reference checks.The milestone is reached with the signing of the employment offer.

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