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CARRHURE surpasses traditional
executive search solutions: we provide
comprehensive pre-employment
background check services


Our thorough pre-employment background screening process ensures executive hires possess the essential qualifications, integrity, and character required for organizations’ success. Our meticulous and detailed methodology is recognized. Our services include:

VERIFICATION OF ACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: We validate academic degrees and professional qualifications claimed by candidates, instilling confidence in their educational background and expertise.

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: Our rigorous process confirms candidate identities, minimizing the risks associated with fraudulent or misrepresented information, ensuring the integrity of your hiring process.

THOROUGH PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE CHECKS: We conduct comprehensive reference checks, gathering insights from past employers, supervisors, or colleagues to assess work ethic, skills, and character.

CONFIRMATION OF EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: We verify candidates’ employment history, ensuring transparency and identifying any discrepancies or gaps in their work experience.

COMPREHENSIVE CRIMINAL VETTING: Our checks identify criminal records or legal issues that may impact a candidate’s suitability, prioritizing the safety and security of your workplace.

FINANCIAL VETTING, CREDIT CHECKS, AND FRAUD INVESTIGATION: We evaluate candidates’ financial history, assessing fiscal responsibility and integrity while investigating potential involvement in fraud, money laundering, or other financial irregularities.

GLOBAL CHECKS: Our background checks extend beyond local boundaries, providing a broader perspective on candidates’ history through international database access and trusted global partnerships.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND ONLINE PRESENCE ANALYSIS: We analyze candidates’ social media and online presence to assess their behavior, reputation, and alignment with your organization’s values.

DIRECTORSHIP SEARCHES: We identify any directorship roles held by candidates, providing insights into their involvement in other organizations and evaluating their leadership capabilities.

DISQUALIFICATION SEARCHES: For relevant positions, we perform searches to identify any disqualifications or restrictions on candidates that may impact their eligibility.

EVALUATION OF POLITICAL AND REPUTATIONAL RISK ISSUES: We assess political affiliations and reputational risk factors associated with candidates, helping you evaluate potential risks or conflicts.


Candidates are required to submit an authorization form, granting us permission to conduct reference checks with their previous employers, supervisors, or colleagues. We guide candidates through the documentation process, maintaining clear communication and ensuring a seamless experience.



Candidates are expected to complete a comprehensive pre-employment screening checklist, which provides us with the necessary information for conducting thorough evaluations and assessments.



CARRHURE undertakes an in-depth verification of the candidate’s information. Our intensive verification process ensures the accuracy, integrity, and reliability of the candidate’s background information, enabling you to make well-informed hiring decisions with confidence. Reports submitted to our client within 2/4 weeks.

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