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124 Food and Agriculture Organizations to Watch in 2024!

As we head into the new year, here are 124 organizations to follow, engage with, and support in 2024.


What do we know about the future of agri-food systems in Central and West Asia and North Africa (CWANA)?

Food, land, and water systems face daunting challenges in the future, and the body of research exploring these challenges is growing rapidly.


The status of employment for women in agrifood systems

Agrifood systems are a major source of employment worldwide. Yet women working within agrifood systems in low-income countries are more likely to have irregular, informal, and less well-paid jobs compared to men, and experience less favourable working conditions. Closing gender gaps is critically needed to create more sustainable and inclusive agrifood systems.


What job can I get with a degree in Agricultural Science?

When you step into the world of agriculture, you’ll join a field that fundamentally changed civilisation in every way. The shift from hunter-gatherer to farming societies was a pivotal development which some experts have declared is up there with the discovery of fire and walking on two legs.


9 Popular Agricultural Careers That Are Worth Pursuing

Agriculture is a vast subject and professionals in this field can work in a variety of sectors like sales, administration, engineering, research or manual labour. A career in agriculture may involve planning, manufacturing, marketing and selling agricultural products.


14 Careers in Nutrition and Food Science (With FAQs)

Nutrition is the branch of food science that addresses the essential nutrients that aid human survival. A career in nutrition provides the opportunity to educate people about healthy eating habits and teach them alternative ways to manage their health issues using nutritional food. Learning about careers in nutrition can help you make a more informed decision about your career path.


Let’s Start the Conversation! How to Attract Gen Y and Gen Z into the Agriculture Industry

If your agribusiness is looking to recruit Gen Y or Gen Z candidates, presenting a well-defined career path has become a crucial factor in securing the best talent.


Attract and Retain the Right Staff – Putting Culture into Agriculture

With its challenging work, isolated locations and difficulty competing with the compensation offered in the cities – agriculture continues to struggle to attract and retain talent. While some farms and businesses flourish with dedicated teams and a surplus of skilled individuals, most grapple with a personnel and resources shortage.


7 Reasons to Consider Agribusiness as your Career

Agribusiness is not just about farming. It is a diverse and dynamic field that combines agriculture, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Agribusiness can help solve global challenges and create job opportunities. Learn more about what defines agribusiness in this article. #Agribusiness #Agriculture #Innovation


Global Agritourism Market Size, Industry Trends, Share, Growth, Opportunity, and Forecast 2023-2028

Agritourism is a growing trend in the tourism industry, as tourists seek to experience sustainable farming and organic foods. The global agritourism market is expected to reach USD 98.37 billion by 2026, driven by environmental awareness and government support. #Agritourism #SustainableFarming


How do you attract and retain niche talent in agriculture?

Overcoming the challenge of acquiring specialized talent is crucial in the agricultural industry, where skilled professionals are in high demand but limited supply. Discover effective strategies for attracting and retaining these valuable candidates for your agricultural business. #Agriculture #TalentAcquisition #SpecializedProfessionals


Transforming Agriculture: Unleashing the Potential of Women Agriculturalists

Meet Mercedes Diane Griffin Forbes, a consultant and founder who empowers women in agriculture and promotes gender equity. Hear how she works with communities to value women’s work and create policies that support them. #FoodTalk #WomenInAg #GenderEquity


Role of HR in an Agribusiness Expansion

Agribusiness includes technical & labor-intensive activities that are required to optimize production. Agribusiness expansion, therefore, requires HR departments to conduct proper planning of workforce requirements in all sectors of crop and livestock production.


Here’s how to improve conditions for farmworkers

It’s crucial for farms to care for their staff. This goes a long way in attracting & keeping good employees. While there are great examples, some farms need to do better, & make great strides in establishing programs aimed at improving farm experience & working conditions.


Top Careers in Agriculture

There’s more to a career in agriculture than just being a farmer (although, of course, that is also a very viable career option for those looking to get into the field).


Choosing a Career in Agriculture: Benefits, Tips and Career Paths

As a multi-billion dollar industry, it’s shocking to know how many job seekers are unaware of the incredible, high-paying opportunities agriculture has to offer. It’s an industry that is constantly evolving and consistently in desperate need of new talent. Ag careers provide job security, competitive pay rates, and the chance to really have an impact on your community.


7 Jobs in Food Security

According to Feeding America, 42 million Americans, including 13 million children, may experience food insecurity in 2021 — that’s a 20% increase from 2019. There are many ways to help out in your community as a volunteer, but what if you want to dedicate your career to promoting food security?


Top Agriculture Careers for 2023

The future of food and agriculture faces uncertainties that can serve as a platform for successful agriculture careers. Some of the uncertainties faced by agriculture revolve around different factors, including population growth, dietary choices, technological progress, income distribution, the state of natural resources, climate change, the sustainability of peace etc.


Generation Z: What they want in the workplace and how it affects farming

Find out about cultural shifts in the workplace and why the agriculture industry must understand the needs of ‘Generation Z’ if it is to prosper in the future.


Addressing labour challenges in agriculture with foreign recruits

One of the bigger issues facing the agriculture sector is the limited labour pool in Canada. Many employers who are looking for workers from outside of Canada to fill job vacancies will be pleased to hear the federal government is ramping up its immigration efforts. While these new immigration targets will come as welcome news to many in the agriculture sector, the process of bringing skilled workers into the country can be time-consuming and complicated. Here is a brief overview of issues to be aware of if you are looking to hire foreign recruits.


Enhancing Human Resource Development in Agriculture: Imperatives for Regional Food and Nutrition Security

Trends in Agric. HR indicate a declining number of enrollment & graduation in agric. & related fields. This pattern is alarming as it presents concern over the possible future gap in HR requirements for agriculture & rural dv’t particularly in ensuring food & nutrition security.


Hiring Challenges in Agriculture: Farms Adapt to Worker Shortage

Farmers’ long-running struggle to find enough workers has gotten even more difficult as the economy recovers from the pandemic.


5 Ag Career Trends You Need to Consider in 2023

There is no time like the start of a new year to take a pulse on your company’s compensation and human resources (HR) practices to see if they are in line with the outlook and trends for 2023. Here are five things to consider.


5 key trends in the ag workforce

With all of the workplace and life disruptions over the last few years, it’s important to update and review data to ensure that organizations are improving hiring and people management efforts to remain competitive. Here is annual survey in agriculture and food organizations to uncover the latest in human resource trends.


Young and inexperienced workers in non-agricultural jobs

Due to a worker shortage, employers may be considering hiring minors. When hiring young workers, it is important to consider wage and hour rules set by regulators and ensure that the workers have the knowledge, skills, and ability to work safely.



14.8% of agricultural specialist resumes contained commodities as a skill. Let’s find out what skills an agricultural specialist actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace.


Top Careers in Agriculture

There’s more to a career in agriculture than just being a farmer. So, if you’re looking to work in agriculture, but don’t know what careers are available to you, here are the top careers in agriculture today, and the skills you need to succeed in these roles.


Infrastructure and human resources pose challenges to the agriculture sector

“Aging agricultural human resources had limited access to information, market potential, and funding.” Jarot Indarto, National Development Planning Agency’s (Bappenas’) policy analyst, stated. This article will explain why Mr. Indarto thinks that the current infrastructure problem causes issues in improving agricultural productivity.


Technology Holds Key to Agriculture’s Aging Problem

Technology attracts younger generations to farming as average age of American farmer is nearly 60. Faced with climate change, a demographic crisis and a growing population, farmers are investing in precision technologies to keep agriculture alive — and they’re attracting a fresh generation of talent in the process.


Tips to Build a Career as an Agricultural Engineer

Training as an agricultural engineer can become one of the best decisions you make in your life, as it will open the doors to endless opportunities for self-improvement and economic independence. Graduating in this career can give you many job options, since the increase in the population generates a greater demand for experts in the branch of agricultural engineering. If you have decided to study this profession, carefully read the tips we will share in this article.


How to Improve Gender Equality in Agriculture

In this policy brief, we explore how global standards and guidelines contribute to gender equality and women’s empowerment, and whether more can be done through these instruments to improve the situation of women in agriculture.


Agriculture’s Talent Pool Needs to Reach Beyond Farms

Is agriculture so different from other fields that you can’t ever understand it without being raised by a farmer? Can we afford to exclude the talent, ideas, & perspectives of those not agriculturally minded from birth & still remain a competitive modern industry? Let’s find out.


Attracting And Retaining The Right Talent For Your Farming Operation

Is your farm consistently looking for new hires season after season? If it is, it’s time to rethink your recruitment & retention strategies as farmers from the older generations are retiring, & the younger ones are looking toward other industries.


Top 10 Soft Skills for Agriculture

When we talk about careers in agriculture, we often think about the technical skills. These are important, for sure! What people are beginning to discuss that is just as important are soft skills. So what are they & what does that mean in relation to getting a job in agriculture?


What Is Driving the Great Resignation in Agribusiness?

With employee resignation happening at its highest rate in over 20 years, it’s easy to think that wages play a part in retention. That is no doubt a component, but it’s not as big a part as you might expect. The resurgence of COVID-19 and its impact on a worker’s priorities are also key factors to be considered.


Claiming a seat at the table: Recruiting success in food & agribusiness

CMC Go To Market’s new content series focuses on recruiting in niche or non-traditional industries. We’re covering food and agribusiness.


Second careers in sustainable agriculture

Even as the average age of farmers steadily increases, there is a common belief that beginning farmers will be young farmers. But many retirees & career-shifters are starting farms in their 40s-60s. Here are some examples of learning opportunities for new & second-career farmers.


Choosing a Career in Agriculture: Benefits, Tips and Career Paths

Agriculture can offer incredible, high-paying opportunities that has an impact not only on job seekers but also the community. With the population rising at faster rates, agriculture careers are becoming increasingly more important. Here’s why.


The role of the common agricultural policy in contributing to jobs and growth in EU’s rural areas and the impact of employment on shaping rural development: Evidence from the Baltic States

Changes in the natural environment are becoming more noticeable in the EU and farmers have to deal with the consequences. The task of the Common Ag Policy is to counteract the negative economic effects caused mainly by changes in the natural environment. Click here to learn more.


5 Strategies to Make Your Farm A Talent Magnet

The agriculture sector faces a challenge right now – hiring & retaining employees. There are many factors at play that drives the ag employees to leave. If you feel like your management strategies aren’t working anymore, here are 5 strategies to make your farm a talent magnet.


Your Farm’s Biggest Challenge: Competing for Talent

Agricultural employers across the US report that competition for talent is fierce. ‘Competition for talent’ was noted as the top reason employers plan to do more student and new graduate recruitment in 2022. Click here to read more.


8 Reasons Why Agriculture is a Great Industry to Work in!

When people think about agriculture, they tend to think about farmers, tending the fields, looking after crops or livestock. Some may be thinking they don’t want to be a farmer, but think again. Here are 8 reasons why agriculture is a great sector to work in.


The UK’s Farming Prospects for 2021–2022

The UK farming & agriculture industries have always played a prominent role in the country’s economy. However, the recent years have been tougher. These circumstances have all been central to defining how the industry will fare in the coming year. Click here to learn more.


Top 10 High Paying Jobs in Agriculture For 2022 With Salary Upto Rs 4,62,383

Agriculture is a versatile field that offers many job opportunities. The best thing is that these agriculture jobs not only provide a good salary but many other benefits to the employees. If you also pursuing a career in agriculture then you must definitely read this article.


How to Win When Labor is Short: Start Recruiting Now to Avoid Farm Labor Shortage During Planting Season

Labor shortages are abundant this year. Farms in need of employees struggle to even get someone in the door. Many have found themselves short on labor this season & are looking at another tight situation come next season. Here are ways to get ahead of your labor needs.


5 Ways to Create a More Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment (in Agriculture)

The agriculture industry is making strides toward including more diversity in terms of age, gender and ethnicity. In the current recruiting environment, however, it’s not without its challenges. Here are key learning points in having more diversity in the ag industry.


Modern farming is as much about data as digging. Here are 3 emerging agricultural skills

Emerging technologies are changing the role of farmers, agronomists and agricultural intermediaries. Every job in farming will require some reskilling in the coming decade. As the human-robot relationship is defined, data analysis skills will be particularly important.


How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Recruitment Process in Agriculture

Although pandemic-related challenges are starting to taper off, recruiting continues to grow in complexity. Finding and recruiting candidates is no small task. Here are a few ways that companies have been effective in recruiting during these uncertain times.


Agriculture Executive Recruiting: An Efficient Way Of Recruitment

Every organization discovers an effective 3rd party that has the capability of supporting them to find the right people for their field, including agriculture. Click here to know why executive recruiting is an efficient way of recruitment.


Employee Development in Agribusiness

Employees want to be valued. But much of the workforce doesn’t feel their superiors are necessarily doing that. A survey said that opportunities for learning & development is the most important job benefit to millennials. How do we feel we’re stacking up? Read here to find out.”


10 Basic Hiring Tips for Agriculture Recruiting

The hiring process is pivotal in running a successful agribusiness, and, at some point, you will have to do some recruiting. In order to connect with the most qualified candidates, you have to strategize. Here are tips when hiring for agriculture.


Importance of Human Resources to the Food Industry

HR personnel are charged w/ legally, fairly & effectively managing employees to enable your company to realize a solid return on its investment in its workers. The extent to which this outcome is successful in the food industry depends on the experience & skill of your HR staff.


Competition, Recruiting, Retention Remain Top Ag Workforce Challenges

Competition for talent & recruiting difficulties of hourly, skilled staff remained the biggest challenges for farms and ag businesses, based on the latest survey. While 2020 was full of changes because of COVID, ag employers noted 5 matters were still more concerning than COVID.


Top 10 Soft Skills for a Career in Agriculture

When we talk about careers in agriculture, we often think about the technical skills, experience, and know-how for a particular ag sector. These are important, but we should also learn soft skills. So, what are soft skills and why is it important in your agricultural career?


Digital Innovations Spark Bright Futures in Aquatic Food Systems for Youth

WorldFish’s Resilient Small-Scale Fisheries Research Analyst, Joctan Dos Reis Lopes, answers questions on the role of digital innovations in transforming aquatic food systems to be more equitable, inclusive, and accessible to young people in the Pacific. Read on to know more.


12 Careers in Agriculture To Explore

Agriculture careers are professionals paths related to farming, cultivation and animal husbandry. These career paths involve everything from growing crops and nurturing the soil to raising livestock like cattle, pigs and chickens. Careers in agriculture also incorporate manufacturing, marketing and selling the products that result from crops and livestock as well as providing support and assistance throughout the field. Read on to know more.


HR Challenges? Your farm is not alone

Don’t worry, you aren’t the only farm with human resources concerns. Every organization has common challenges, from hiring the right people, to keeping them happy. However, some industries are inundated with their own unique set of concerns. Read on to know more.


Benefits of Hiring Outside of the Agriculture Industry

Consider thinking out of the box when it comes to agriculture recruiting! It makes sense that when you’re in agriculture and looking to fill a spot on your team, your first thought is to hire someone already in the agriculture industry. In fact, you might even prefer it. Read on to know more.


Top 10 Highest-Paying Careers in Agriculture

Gone are the days when careers in agriculture only meant toiling under the sun while waiting for your crops to grow. Nowadays, the field has advanced in so many ways that numerous opportunities have sprouted over time, giving young people plenty of options to pick from. Read on to know more.


How to find, retain and develop the best farm employees

Successful companies hire and retain good employees, and it’s not just money that keeps staff from looking elsewhere. Work environment, personal fulfillment, benefits, opportunity for advancement, ongoing learning and professional development are factors at play. Read on to know more.


How to build an effective farm employee review system

As farms add more employees, the value of measuring performance becomes more important and should support the goals and expectations of the organization. It should encourage improvement and professional growth. Read on to know more.


Employing farm workers: what you need to know

Be it the local paper, a farming trade magazine or a specialist recruitment website, farmers need to be very careful when phrasing job adverts to ensure they cannot be construed as discriminatory under equality and human rights guidelines. Read on to know more.


How Did the Pandemic Affect HR Practices in Agriculture?

Staffing, competition, culture and flexibility were important considerations for agricultural organizations in 2020. The pandemic impacted almost all aspects of daily work life across the country. Read on to know more.


Getting into the Field: Labour Issues in Agriculture

Like any industry, agriculture requires an adequate workforce to keep operations going. Farmers continue to identify chronic and critical labour shortages as one of the most pressing risks facing Canadian agriculture and a major constraint on both agricultural growth and global competitiveness. Agriculture is complex industry that faces unique workforce challenges due to rural depopulation and seasonal production of highly perishable products. Read on to know more.


Farm Workforce Modernization Act

For years, the produce industry and the agriculture sector partners have made an overwhelming case for legislation to reform the immigration system and help build a legal and reliable workforce. With the introduction of the bipartisan 2021 Farm Workforce Modernization Act in the US House of Representatives, Americans are one step closer to getting the reforms the fresh produce industry has needed for decades. Read on to know more.


COVID-19 and Its Impact on Talent Management in Agribusiness

As we look with a positive outlook into 2021, we need to be aware that, while the impact of the pandemic on our health may decline throughout the year, the requirements for how we manage our talent may remain significantly different than how you approached this aspect of your business pre-COVID-19. Click here to learn about the principles you need to apply, and the pitfalls you should avoid when enhancing your talent processes.


What is the future of work in agri-food?

Agricultural automation is advancing rapidly, especially in developed countries; localization of food production is reducing access to external markets for developing countries, and anti-migrant sentiments are flying high. COVID-19 reinforces these trends of digitization and deglobalization. Furthermore, employment in agri-food historically declines as countries develop. So, what will be the role of agri-food in the future of work? Read on to know more.


Farmer Ex Machina: Is digital agriculture the beginning of the end of agricultural employment?

The demise of humanity at the hands of machines has long been a preoccupation of science fiction writers, but a more pressing worry has been robots putting humans out of work. As digital technologies help farmers gain productivity around the globe, how will jobs be affected? Click here to know more.


Farmers of the Future: Addressing the skills gaps in agriculture

Investing in maintenance & lubrication skills is key to ensuring the success of agricultural operations for future generations of farmers. Employing the right staff is one of the biggest problems currently facing farmers. Here’s how employers address the skills gap in agriculture to safeguard a future farming generation.


Train to Retain Precision Talent: Mentor, Don’t Mandate

Says one precision manager, “Everyone wants the rock star right away, but inevitably, you are going to start with rookies who need to be trained and developed.” Finding and retaining precision farming talent has long been a challenge for equipment dealers, with many looking to expand or evolve the scope of their business.


Supporting the Women in Food and Agriculture campaign 2019 

William McClain, the VP HR in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia for Bunge said, “The pool of women talent is bigger than that of males and we’re still not tapping into that” More than ever, the industry is craving qualified, passionate and determined individuals to guide the industry into its next phase through innovation and ingenuity. With women representing only 22 percent of board seats for Fortune 500 companies—there remains untapped potential.


How Technology Is Transforming the Farming Workforce and Why It Matters During a Global Pandemic

Like virtually every sector of the global economy, the agricultural sector finds itself battered by the global coronavirus pandemic, made especially acute by labor shortages triggered by the crisis amid the critical emergence season. To react to the immediate global health crisis and adapt to these ongoing developments while still meeting the rising demand for food, agriculture must find innovative ways of boosting yields and attracting new workers to the industry.


10 Recruitment Tips for your Farm

No doubt you have many priorities vying for your attention during the fall season, especially harvest. When you’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed it’s easy to lose a bit of the etiquette in the recruiting and hiring process. However, you still need appropriate staffing for your operation. Here are tips on recruitment etiquette. These ideas work no matter what time of year you’re looking to hire.


Role of HR in an Agribusiness Expansion

The role of human resources in agribusiness expansion is focused on recruiting and managing a staff composed of highly specialized professionals, semi-skilled laborers, and unskilled labors. Agribusiness includes technical and labor-intensive activities that are required to optimize production from the inputs that are invested in crop production and animal husbandry. Agribusiness expansion, therefore, requires HR departments to conduct proper planning of workforce requirements in all sectors of crop and livestock production. Click here to know more.


What is the future of work in agri-food?

Agricultural automation is advancing rapidly. Localization of food production is reducing access to external markets. Anti-migrant sentiments are increasing. The pandemic reinforces trends of digitalization and deglobalization. Moreover, employment in agrifood declines as countries develop. What will be the role of agri-food in the future of work? Read on to find out more.


What does a career in food science and nutrition look like?

It is believed that food science and nutrition careers can be as diverse as the agricultural produce and products that we consume everyday. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career for food and its role in health, human performance or illness prevention, read this article to know why a career in food science and nutrition is perfect for you.


Africa’s employment challenge and the role of agriculture

Over the last years, African economies have been praised for their robust growth rates which offer positive perspectives for economic development and private investment and suggest a process of catching-up with the rest of the world. However, the quality of this growth is a growing issue because it has a very limited impact on poverty and does not translate so far into a progressive structural transformation of African economies.


How Labour Challenges Will Shape the Future of Agriculture: Agriculture Forecast to 2029

An important part of Canada’s economy since the country’s founding, agricultural production has continued to expand over the years. Canada is now a major producer of many agricultural products, and its exports relative to production are among the highest in the world. Read on to know the Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council’s agriculture forecast to 2029.


5 Countries Where Women Play a Vital Role in Agriculture

According to studies, agriculture can be a vital source of economic and social empowerment for women. When women own their own farms, have access to new technologies, control their own incomes, and are able to feed their families independently, they also have the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty. Here are 5 countries that put women at the forefront of agriculture.


Role of HR in an Agribusiness Expansion

The role of human resources in agribusiness expansion is focused on recruiting and managing a staff composed of highly specialized professionals, semi-skilled laborers, and unskilled labors. Agribusiness includes technical and labor-intensive activities that are required to optimize production from the inputs that are invested in crop production and animal husbandry. Agribusiness expansion, therefore, requires HR departments to conduct proper planning of workforce requirements in all sectors of crop and livestock production. Click here to read to understand the role of HR in an agribusiness expansion.


Agricultural Recruitment Specialists Latest Blog – Tips For Making Your CV Standout For Agricultural Jobs

There’s a lot of competition for the best agricultural jobs. Once you send in your CV, dozens of other people might have applied for the same position. What should you do to ensure that the hiring manager will invite you for an interview? Here are tips for making your CV stand out for agricultural jobs.


Balanced fertilizer application boosts smallholder incomes

Agriculture is largely feminized in Nepal, where over 80% of women are employed in the sector. As a result of the skills gap caused by male out-migration, many women farmers are now making conscious efforts to learn techniques that can help improve yields and generate greater income — such as balanced fertilizer application.


15 quick tips for reducing food waste and becoming a Food hero

For many people in the world, food waste has become a habit: buying more food than we need at markets, letting fruits and vegetables spoil at home or taking larger portions than we can eat. These habits put extra strain on our natural resources and damage our environment. Reducing food loss and waste is essential in a world where millions of people go hungry every day. Here are 15 ways to reduce food waste and become a food hero.


The Agriculture of Tomorrow is Yet to be Invented

The Agriculture of Tomorrow is Yet to be Invented: According to Christophe Lavelle, a food specialist and researcher at CNRS and the French National Museum of Natural History, ensuring our food security requires changes in both consumer behavior and farming practices. Click here to learn more.


Study documents COVID-19 impacts on farmworkers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, farmworkers are afraid to seek medical help, suffering financially more than most groups and missing out on information and guidance due to language barriers. The study led to a series of recommendations to improve assistance to workers who are three times more likely to contract COVID-19 than those in other jobs. Read on to learn more about those recommendations.


Think safety before starting any job on the farm

Deaths or injuries on farms happen much more often that they should. Tragically, most accidents are caused by simple factors such as habit, haste, fatigue and improperly maintained machines. Here are some steps on how you can ensure the safety of the growers in the farm.


International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste

Globally, around 14 percent of food produced is lost between harvest and retail. Significant quantities are also wasted in retail and at the consumption level. When food is loss or wasted, all the resources that were used to produce this food -, including water, land, energy, labour and capital – go to waste. In addition, the disposal of food loss and waste in landfills, leads to greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.


The Future of Work in Agriculture

As countries develop, agriculture’s role as a domestic employer declines. But the broader agri-food system also expands, and the scope for agriculture-related job creation shifts beyond the farm. Today, a digital revolution is taking hold, affecting agricultural labor and skill demands. So, what can the role of agriculture as a source of employment be in the future? Click here to find out.


3 tips to successfully hire farm workers

Hiring farms workers is quite tough. Some farm owners made mistakes like hiring close friends, improperly interviewing candidates, and not setting expectations. Here are 3 tips that you can follow to successfully hire farm workers.


Agriculture’s potential to mitigate youth migration

Agriculture’s Potential to Mitigate Youth Migration: As waves of young people leave their rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa in search of better work, can the agricultural sector provide the employment opportunities that they’re looking for?


COVID-19 highlights the need for food systems-based policies for reducing tropical deforestation

COVID-19 outlines the need for food systems-based policies to reduce tropical deforestation: To successfully deal with the increasing demand for products produced on deforested land, how can tropical countries’ zero-deforestation policies address changing urban food demands?


Why it’s so critical to continuously monitor and manage plant diseases

Plant diseases: Why it’s so critical to continuously monitor and manage them? Food and forest production systems, as well as native environments around the world, are just as threatened by emerging epidemics. The United Nations estimated that pests and pathogens destroy between 10-40% of food production globally.


How the private sector can protect plant health

VIDEO: Private sector businesses have a key role in plant health as they can contribute to the development of global plant health standards and help implement them. Watch this video to know how the private sector can drive innovation in the plant-health domain and be a key player in the production and protection of plants and plant products.


Evolving eating habits as a result of COVID-19

Evolving eating habits as a result of the pandemic: FMCG Gurus surveyed consumers across 18 countries in April 2020 about how coronavirus was influencing their food attitudes and behaviors. Here, Mike Hughes gives an overview.


Home gardening blooms around the world during coronavirus lockdowns

People around the world have a new hobby: home gardening! Read here to know how home gardening eases concerns over food security as lockdowns slow the harvesting and distribution of some crops.


Farmers are among the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic

“There is an increase in demand for supplies and we are all sending a silent thank you to our farmers when we come home with fresh vegetables after our grocery runs.” says R Jaganathan, founder of Nallakeerai, which specializes in local, seasonal greens and networks with organic farmers across India. Find out why farmers are among the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic.


World Food Safety Day 2020

The second World Food Safety Day (WFSD) will be celebrated on 7 June 2020 to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism, and sustainable development.


In times of COVID-19, Bolivian urban farmers rethink their ways of working

In times of COVID-19, Bolivian urban farmers rethink their ways of working. Click the link to learn how local governments, with the support of FAO, and over 250 Bolivian family farmers are coping to supply urban families with fresh food.


Coronavirus measures could cause global food shortage, UN warns

Protectionist measures by national governments during the coronavirus crisis could provoke food shortages around the world, the UN’s food body has warned. Follow the link to learn more.


Effects of Coronavirus on Agricultural Production – a First Approximation

As public life shuts down around Europe and health systems buckle under the strain of the Covid-19 pandemic, concerns over food supply are the latest scare to make headlines. To what extent can the coronavirus crisis affect agricultural production, and therefore the security of supply? Read on to find out more.


How to minimize the impact of Coronavirus on food security

“Countries with high levels of food insecurity are generally more vulnerable and less prepared for an epidemic outbreak and would likely see higher mortality rates,” says the World Food Programme (WFP)’s Chief Economist, Arif Husain. This is why nations around the world should prepare themselves for the impact of COVID-19 on food security. Follow the link to learn more.


Drone Technology In Agriculture

Since COVID-19 broke out a few months ago, people’s lifestyle took a 180-degree turn. It changed the way we communicate, the way children are educated, and even the way we do agriculture. Four years from now, the agricultural drone market is expected to grow from a $1.2 billion(USD) industry to $4.8 billion according to some reports. Read on to find out more.


Coronavirus: “Profound Impacts” On Fertilizer and Crop Protection

Since the production of many macronutrients and active ingredients for agricultural inputs is concentrated in China, it’s not surprising that the fertilizer industry will also receive the ripple effect of the coronavirus. “The longer this goes on, the more you’re likely to see some price increases from in the ag chem sphere,” says Samuel Taylor, vice president of farm input analysis at Rabobank.


How to minimize the impact of Coronavirus on food security

“Countries with high levels of food insecurity are generally more vulnerable and less prepared for an epidemic outbreak and would likely see higher mortality rates,” says the World Food Programme (WFP)’s Chief Economist, Arif Husain. This is why nations around the world should prepare themselves for the impact of COVID-19 on food security. Follow the link to learn more.


Major Ways COVID-19 Is Affecting Global Agriculture

5 Effects of COVID-19 to Global Agriculture: By the end of the first quarter, there are questions about how COVID-19 will affect labor availability, consumer demand, trade deals, and supply chains. How does the pandemic affects today’s global agriculture?


Sustainable Forests for Food Security and Nutrition

For many people, they picture hunger as not eating enough food or not buying enough food for their household. However, food insecurity and hunger are more than that. Did you know that forests are estimated to be a major resource for more than 2.4 billion people, who rely on forest goods and services for the direct provision of food, wood fuel, building materials, medicines, employment, and cash income? Click here to know how forests fit into the picture of tackling food insecurity and hunger.


Reasons Why Agriculture Is A Great Industry To Work In

When you hear the word “agriculture”, what usually comes to mind? People often imagine farmers taking care of the fields or looking after crops or livestock every time they hear the word. This is why other people, especially the youth, think less of this sector in terms of career growth. It’s time to change that. Here are 8 reasons why agricultural recruitment specialists think you should consider working in the agriculture sector.


The Global Food System and Employment

A World Bank report states that food systems contribute a significant share of jobs in all countries. Over the next 15 years, there will be about 1.6 billion in low- and middle-income countries reaching working age. How can we strengthen the global food system to fulfill the SDG goals of enhanced global employment and reduced poverty?


The role of human resources in agribusiness expansion 

Curious to know about the role of HR in agribusiness expansion? Paul Merchant, a contributor at Chron, explains why agribusiness expansion requires proper planning of workforce requirements in all sectors of crop and livestock production.


Agriculture: The Future Of Farming: 5 Careers That Are On The Rise

When it comes to farming, what careers are on the rise and which ones are falling out of fashion? Click the link to find out more.

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