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5 Jobs That Help Fight Climate Change

If you’re concerned about climate change and what it’s doing to the planet, you may consider a related career, like an environmental engineer. Discover five climate change jobs and learn about job growth, top skills, and certifications.


Compound natural disasters emerge as new HR risk

Employers have long helped employees deal with natural disasters, but climate change might be making that job harder. That’s because of compound natural disasters, which are multiple disasters, one following the other or happening all at once.


5 Sustainability Trends for 2024 That Are Transforming the World

Sustainability”” continues to be a crucial global agenda, attracting consistent attention. As our world confronts climate change, preparing for the era of global boiling and other environmental challenges, SCGC invites you to explore the “”5 sustainability trends 2024.


The Heat Is On: Climate Change’s Growing Impact On Human Resources

The next few decades will see HR face a significant challenge in preparing the business and the workforce for climate events. The time to start planning is now.


The Deadly Intersection of Labor Exploitation and Climate Change

As temperatures soar in the United States this summer, some among us are lucky enough to be able to remain in air-conditioned interior spaces, ordering food, groceries, clothing, and other products to be delivered to us.


Is human resources ready for climate change?

Heat emergencies, wildfires and extreme weather events are increasing in frequency as global temperatures rise. To mitigate the risk of the change in climate, companies are already “hardening” their physical facilities, reevaluating their insurance and seeking to decrease their carbon footprints. Companies should also carefully consider climate change when designing their human resources policies and benefits.


The Transformative Effects of Global Warming & Climate Change on Corporate Workforce: A Deep Dive on Data & Insights

Global warming and climate change are global environmental concerns that have significant consequences for corporate employees. The significant shift of major corporations and public companies to address climate change as part of their business strategy has been an attempt to manage both human and natural resources.


Demand For Green Skills Outpacing What The Workforce Can Deliver—But There’s Hope

Do you ever wish you could make a bigger difference for the planet? Maybe, like me, you have a career that isn’t particularly ‘green’—that is, it isn’t directly related to fighting climate change. But you still want to make a difference.


Sustainability and HR: An Emerging Trend in the Workplace

As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change, there is an increasing need for businesses to adopt sustainable practices. One important area where this trend is gaining traction is in human resources (HR).


How to get a job in climate change

Is it already too late to do something for the planet? In an ever-changing world, where half the world’s population is under the age of 25, and where some 85% of the jobs of 2030 do not yet exist, choosing a green career is an undeniable way to help combat climate change.


Building a Sustainable Future: Top 5 Skills for Climate Job Seekers

Over the past five years, the demand for “green skills” has grown 8% annually outpacing the supply of talent. A global survey from Salesforce found that although there’s a sustainability skills gap, there is a global workforce eager to get involved.


How climate change is affecting the working world: Expected jobs to be created and displaced

About half of the world’s GDP is dependent on nature and the sustainable management of ecosystem services, which includes 1.2bn jobs in farming, fisheries, forestry, and tourism, the International Labour Organization states.


Climate change impacts scar Europe, but increase in renewables signals hope for future

Climate change is taking a major human, economic and environmental toll in Europe, the fastest warming continent of the world. The year 2022 was marked by extreme heat, drought and wildfires. Sea surface temperatures around Europe reached new highs, accompanied by marine heatwaves. Glacier melt was unprecedented.


Prioritise the planet in 2023: climate resolutions for HR

Climate remains a top concern for Gen Z & Millennials, w/ one recent survey showing nearly half saying that they are pushing their employers to do more. Tackling climate change should be on the agenda for all employers in 2023. This article shares possible resolutions to adopt.


The future of jobs is green: How climate change is changing labour markets

New LinkedIn data in the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs report shows that hiring for green roles consistently outpaced the overall hiring rate globally four years in a row. For many job seekers, green jobs are a safe bet in a cooling labour market, with roles like sustainability analysts, sustainability specialists and sustainability managers featuring in LinkedIn’s lists of the fastest growing roles – Jobs on the Rise – globally over the last four years.


Action Steps to Grow Climate-Driven Philanthropy in Rural Communities

Philanthropic funders, even those outside of the climate change space, are uniquely positioned to experiment with expanded giving strategies and pools to acknowledge the full impacts of the climate change crisis on people of color living in rural communities.


How does climate change affect workers’ productivity?

High temperatures and increased air pollution affect workers’ ability to do their jobs and can limit the hours they work. Productivity will take a further hit if these events become more frequent with climate change.


Climate Change and the Health of Workers

Many workers are more vulnerable to the health impacts of climate change than the general population.


Three steps towards building the climate tech talent pool

Recent articles have opined that the slew of layoffs from large tech firms could help channel more talent into jobs that leverage technology to address climate change. Some have even suggested that big tech’s “implosion” could be a watershed moment for moving more talent into the sector.


Make Your Career Climate Change Oriented

There are thousands of opportunities to work in climate change. Evaluate if you can switch your career, or orient your current work for our planet.


How to build your expertise: Climate change

A variety of institutions work on climate change issues: think tanks, government ministries, the private sector, and advocacy groups. These groups all require professionals with different knowledge and backgrounds: economists to engineers, foresters to lawyers, and even doctors, said Niklas Hagelberg, senior coordinator of UN Environment’s Climate Change subprogram.


Prioritise the planet in 2023: climate resolutions for HR

With every organisation having a key role to play in the collective corporate effort to reach net zero, now is a prime opportunity for human resources (HR) to step up and take the lead. This article presents some practical climate resolutions that HR departments can make to embed tackling climate change into their workplace culture and empower their workforce to take action.


Climate change efforts are HR efforts—here’s why

As more companies work to incorporate net-zero emissions goals and sustainability into their business models, enacting climate-related policies is increasingly falling to HR.


Green jobs for women can combat the climate crisis

Recent evidence suggests that female employees and leaders are more willing to act on climate and more effective when given the opportunity to do so. Read more to know how investing in women would benefit businesses, climate action, and gender equality.


Here’s Why Your Next Job Should Be In Climate Tech

Let’s look at the opportunities for workers in the tech sector who have suddenly found themselves with idle hands and an appetite to do something other than the devil’s work. If that sounds like you, or someone you know, here is what you need to know about your next role fighting climate change.


What role does HR play in combating climate change?

When businesses think about sustainability, HR may not be the first department to come to mind. Yet, ultimately, the environmental impact of an organization is driven by its people. This means that HR departments have a vital role to play in motivating workforces to reduce their climate impact.


Jobs to Help Fight Climate Change

Interested in fighting climate change? You, too, can help the environment by pursuing one of these 10 popular climate change jobs.


What does the green transition mean for energy jobs?

As calls grow for climate action, the shift from fossil fuels to cleaner power sources raises questions about who can access the new jobs, what skills they require, and how much they pay.


Climate action takes center stage for Gen Z

Gen Z is already driving significant societal change in cultural, political, and economic systems. Enter climate change: a leading topic of concern for Gen Z, one that this cohort has been particularly tenacious about tackling.


HR and Climate Change: The Impact on Work Environments

The effects of climate change are no longer a distant future problem as they are currently being felt in a variety of ways. Organizations today are already experiencing these effects through extreme weather, natural disasters, & changing demographics. HR personnel are perfectly placed to take a strategic lead & a number of them have since been monitoring these green issues closely & studying how they will impact workplaces.


When Climate Change Meets a Bad Work Environment, Disaster Can Strike

Dire predictions about this summer’s weather are already arriving. The western United States is struggling with persistent record drought, more than half the country is predicted to have above-average temperatures this spring, and this year’s hurricane season already promises to be severe. These conditions reflect the intensifying weather that characterizes fast-progressing climate change; even the scales by which we measure the strength of disasters are growing obsolete.


Top 21 Climate Change Jobs That Will Save The World

Did you know that employment in the US renewables sector has increased by 300% in the past 4 years? This is due to the rise of global temperatures, along with the spread of extreme weather events. If you’re looking for a climate change job, there are many different paths to go.


Protecting Human Capital: Making Workforces Resilient to Climate Change Impacts on Health

Climate change is disrupting society, the economy, & nature. Understanding & responding to climate impacts is key to increasing the long-term resilience of systems & institutions. Here is a framework that will help address workforce climate resilience considerations.


Caring About Your Employees Means Caring About Climate Change

Organizations that care about their employees need to acknowledge that climate change hits the well-being of people. They must recognize how profound a negative influence climate change is on everyone’s life today, even if some of us have the privilege to not be affected by it.


Climate Change Is Harming Your Nonprofit (… and what you and all nonprofits can do about it!)

The unsettling juxtaposition of two recent reports makes this urgent truth unavoidable and crystal clear: climate change is threatening the sustainability of all nonprofits, including the ones you care about most.


Want to keep your workers? Change your climate policies

Climate change policies have become front and center for companies — not only because of ethics and reputation, but also because their employees demand it.


How Climate Has Become a Key Player in the Fight for Talent

For businesses, beyond the fact that prioritizing environmental sustainability is the right thing to do for the planet, there are also clear business benefits in doing so. For one, we know that companies’ climate strategies have become increasingly important to today’s workers.


5 Jobs That Help Fight Climate Change

If you’re concerned about climate change and what it’s doing to the planet, you may consider a related career, like an environmental engineer. Discover five climate change jobs and learn about job growth, top skills, and certifications.


Why Climate Action Needs Women

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the critical role women play in responding to climate change, and to reflect on the challenges that remain. Read more to learn how the consequences of climate change can increase the burden for women and girls.


63% of executives think their company is leading on climate-change. But the true picture is more complex

C-level business leaders’ apprehensions about the planet’s climate have increased since a similar Deloitte Global survey taken months earlier – but so has their optimism. Nearly 90% of them agreed that with immediate action, we still can limit the impacts of climate change.


For Gen Z, Climate Careers are the Clear Path to Success

For many Gen Z students contemplating their future careers, the answer is clear: addressing the climate crisis. This shift in career aspirations is a reflection of the heightened sense of climate awareness among the world’s youngest workers. Read here to find out more.


Climate change and jobs

Climate change and environmental degradation pose significant challenges to economic growth and employment today, and risks will be greater in the medium to long term. By contrast, if properly managed, climate change action can lead to more and better jobs. Find out how a transition to a low-carbon, greener economy will imply the creation of new jobs in environmentally friendly production processes and outputs.


Climate Change Branding Can Lift Recruitment and Retention

According to a Gallup poll, 70% of U.S. workers said that a firm’s environmental record is important to them and is a consideration when deciding whether to take a job with a company. Read here how Climate Change Branding Can Lift Recruitment & Retention.


Here’s How Climate Change Crisis Could Impact Business Operations and Policies in 2022

The climate change crisis, which continues to worsen, is expected to have a greater impact on the operations and policies of companies and organizations this year. Here’s how experts and observers think that will happen.


Recruiters’ Role In The Future Of ClimateTech

Have you heard the buzzword, “ClimateTech?” This rapidly growing industry is paving the way for our future. A future that rewrites the traditional energy-consuming frameworks and prioritizes the planet and all of those that inhabit it. Interested? Read here to find out more.


Green apprenticeships key to youth unemployment and climate change

Research revealed that creating 250,000 green apprenticeships leading to jobs would help address the crises in youth unemployment. It also shows the huge potential for fighting the climate crisis with green jobs country-wide if apprenticeships are given government support.


Climate Change And Its Impact On Global Jobs, And The Economy: Which Sectors Will Be Hit?

The impacts of climate change and jobs can be seen when we consider the rising incidence of extreme weather events. They displace workers, damage business assets, and disrupt transportation and rural infrastructure. Curious to know more? Click here for further information.


Top 10 Jobs to Help Fight Climate Change

The rise in global temperatures has led to a higher demand for climate change experts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the number of jobs for environmental scientists & specialists will increase 8% between 2019 & 2029. Here’s the list of Popular Climate Change jobs.


How Donors Can Maximize Impact for Fighting Climate Change

With climate change effects becoming starker, climate philanthropy is taking off. Players like Bezos Earth Fund are making a splash & overall funding is rising yearly; But increasing funds is only part of the battle — money must be used effectively to have a real impact.


How Employees Can Help Make Their Company a Climate Leader

Employees have the power to push companies to speak up on public policy. But what can employees do in this regard? How can employees turn their company into a leading climate change advocate? Watch here to learn how to initiate these conversations & begin organizing internally.


Where to Start? Mobilising and Empowering Your People to Drive the Climate Strategy

Survey says HR plays a pivotal role in stewarding the transition to a net zero & climate-resilient future. Yet, its role in the climate transformation remains undefined. Read here to know how your organization can mobilize & empower its people to drive the climate strategy.


How to Tackle the Dual Crises of COVID-19 and Climate Change With Greener, Better Jobs

This article explains how the creation of green, sustainable, and better jobs is pivotal in responding to the dual crises of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change. You may click here to learn more.


How Remote Working Can Help Combat Climate Change

Remote working during the pandemic had a tremendously positive environmental impact in 2020. Though it cannot overcome climate change on its own, remote working is a viable possibility for more eco-friendly employment in the future.


Climate-fueled heat stress threatens worker productivity

It is said that heat stress linked to climate change means that workers, particularly those with outdoor jobs, work and earn less and one-fifth of worker output could be lost. Learn more about the effects of climate changes to work productivity.


A climate change stance could draw talent for employers

Companies that take a stand on climate change may be able to attract tech talent, according to a survey by Blind, a network on which professionals anonymously discuss workplace issues. Nearly half of the 629 employees surveyed at leading tech companies said that a company’s efforts toward climate change affect where they want to work.  Read on to know more.


5 Ways to Show Your Employees You’re Serious About Fighting Climate Change

Millennials and Gen Z-ers make up the largest portion of the workforce and also worry the most about humans’ impact on the environment, according to a recent Gallup poll. And as employee-based stakeholder activism grows, it’s creating increased demands on employers. Read on to know more.


How employers can use employee benefits to address climate change

The Vanderbilt study provides a possible roadmap for employers to address climate change through employee benefits. Ideally, management will take the lead. More likely, human resources professionals will need to make the case for modifications to employee benefit packages that promote environmentally conscious behavior on the part of employees. Read on to know more.


How flexible working is helping in the battle against climate change

A unique solution is developing in the race to battle climate change – and it’s one that involves leaving the ugly commute to work behind. As more people begin to make the shift from city working to working closer to home, the more we begin to see the benefits. Read on to know more.


4 ways for companies to take effective climate action

Companies have the scale, flexibility, resources and expertise to achieve ambitious climate goals. Leaders can start by mapping out the net-zero future of their company. Businesses can be climate leaders, become resilient, drive innovation and create growth at the same time. Read on to know more.


Addressing climate change in the workplace

From workplace health and safety to employment branding, climate change is an issue for every organization. It will also mean organizations have to be more prepared for crises that coincide. Read on to know more.


Carbon Pricing 106: Effects on Employment

Carbon pricing is a powerful tool for addressing climate change that increases the price of carbon dioxide-intensive goods and services relative to other goods and services and utilizes market forces to decrease emissions covered by the policy. Read on to know more.


How is Your Business Going to be Affected by Climate Change and What Should You Do to Prepare?

Part of any business leader’s job is to ascertain the road ahead. What type of environment will your business be operating in next year, or in five years time? What changes could affect your core business model and is it possible to evolve strategies to meet the challenges with resilience? Read on to know more.


We Can Fight Climate Change and Create Jobs—Here’s How

Cities around the world are facing economic challenges. One of the simplest ways to put people back to work is by rebuilding the infrastructure of cities—including infrastructure that helps mitigate and adapt to climate change. Read on to know more.


25 badass women shaping climate action in 2021

Given the devastating economic toll, the COVID-19 pandemic has had on women and girls, the imperative to mark International Women’s Day carries more weight than usual this year. Here are the badass women shaping climate action in 2021.


HR in a heatwave: what role do we play in climate change?

We’re in the middle of a long, hot summer of climate change protests – but how is your HR team addressing the issue of sustainability, and can it actually impact your ability to attract and retain talent?


The employment impact of climate change adaptation

Based on an ILO document, the world of work is intimately connected with the natural environment. Around one-third of jobs in the G20 countries rely directly on the effective management and sustainability of a healthy environment. Climate change and other forms of environmental degradation have already caused net negative impacts on jobs and work productivity, and these impacts are expected to become more pronounced in the coming decades. Read more to learn the employment impact of climate change adaptation.


How climate change can be addressed through executive compensation

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are increasingly becoming incorporated across all aspects of organizations, including business strategies, operations, and product/service offerings. Although many organizations have adopted ESG principles, executives and boards could do more to meet the demands of institutional investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders especially in regard to climate change risk. Click here to know more.


Gen Z grew up with climate change. Now it’s starting to have an effect on their career choices

The Gen Zs grew up with climate change, and now, it’s starting to affect their career choices. With the misconception that the youth has to either make a practical choice or make a difference and with little exposure to the effects of climate change, Gen Zs are having a tough time deciding on their career choices.


How will climate change affect jobs?

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) has campaigned relentlessly for a global agreement and just transition measures to mitigate climate change. Read on to know more about how the global organized labor movement responding to the threat of climate change.


How climate change will transform business and the workforce

Our planet is already feeling the effects of climate change, but it’s also poised to cause irreversible shifts in the ways we work, and the skills that employers need.


Protecting employment is the best response to climate change

Climate change calls for an upheaval of current economic growth models. For Moustapha Kamal Gueye, the transition towards a green economy is a tremendous opportunity for employment.


Becoming a responsible business – interview with Fujitsu

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a special report in 2019 detailing the global impact of temperatures rising at 1.5°C degrees above pre-industrial levels. Because of that, the business sector and corporate leaders face mounting pressure to address their impact on the climate and demonstrate how they are taking action to their stakeholders, consumers, employees and investors. Click here to know how to convert into a responsible business, and how important reliable data is to support it.


Nonprofits fighting for social & environmental justice

The climate crisis is much more complex and intertwined with many injustices and social inequities. From food insecurity and hazardous pollution to crippling natural disasters, the negative impacts of the environmental crisis affect people of color at much higher rates than other communities. This is the reason why nonprofits are fighting for social & environmental justice. Click here to see the list of nonprofit organizations that work at the pivotal intersection of race and the environment.


Putting People at the Center of Climate Action

With careful design and implementation, inclusive climate policies can contribute to higher incomes and living standards, more and better jobs, and more resources for governments to provide public goods and services. Research by the New Climate Economy finds that bold climate action can deliver at least $26 trillion in net global economic benefits through 2030, compared to business as usual, as well as a range of employment, health, and other benefits. Click here to know more.


Frequently Asked Questions on Climate Change and Jobs

Climate change not only affects the environment, but also the people and the species living on it. There are certainly economic implications that come with the drastic change in the global climate. Curious about the relationship between climate change and jobs? ILO laid out some frequently asked questions about this topic.


How a post-pandemic stimulus can both create jobs and help the climate

How a post-pandemic stimulus can both create jobs and help the climate: The 10 trillion USD in stimulus measures that policy makers have allocated could be decisive for the world’s low-carbon transition. Here’s how organizations can bring economics and environmental priorities together.


Addressing climate change in the workplace

Addressing Climate Change in the Workplace: From workplace health and safety to employment branding, climate change is an issue for every organisation. It will also mean organisations have to be more prepared for crises that coincide.


Major job losses with climate change: report

“Heat stress is an issue more for workers doing physical efforts and more for outdoor workers, workers in agriculture and construction, in refuse collection, in tourism, sport,” says Catherine Saget, ILO research chief in Geneva, Switzerland. Read the report to learn about the major job losses with climate change.


Redefining Green Jobs for a Sustainable Economy

Although the term “green job” has only taken place in recent years, environmental movements throughout modern U.S. history have had implied concepts of “green” work. The movement toward a Green New Deal policy platform has become the predominant idea for addressing climate change. Continue reading to know how we can redefine green jobs for a sustainable economy.


International Day of Cooperatives: Let’s cooperate and invite everyone to fight for climate action

The International Day of Cooperatives is an annual celebration of the cooperative movement that takes place on the first Saturday of July since 1923. Since 1995, the United Nations and the International Cooperative Alliance have been setting the theme for the celebration of the Day. The aim of this celebration is to increase awareness of cooperatives.


5 Benefits to Local Action on Climate Resilience

Communities are trying its best to cope with the effects of climate change. It’s essential to have local leadership, site-specific strategies, and knowledge of surrounding environments to build resilience to climate impacts. However, these methods are often ignored when external partners get involved, and less than 10% of international climate funds go to local communities most directly impacted by climate change.


How will coronavirus shape our response to climate change?

In a blog for the Grantham Institute, Dr Ajay Gambhir argues that learning from the coronavirus crisis could put the world in a better position to address the many challenges we will face this century – including climate change.


3 billion people could live in places as hot as the Sahara by 2070 unless we tackle climate change

According to a group of scientists from the US, China, and Europe, 1/3 of people could be living in conditions outside humanity’s comfort zone. This is based on their analysis of the rising global temperatures vs the average climatic conditions over the last 6,000 years.


Flagship UN study shows accelerating climate change on land, sea and in the atmosphere

A wide-ranging UN climate report shows that climate change is having a major effect on all aspects of the environment, as well as on the health and wellbeing of the global population.


What happens after coronavirus will determine our climate’s future

Daily CO2 counts from Hawaii make depressing reading – but this year the usual pattern may change.


Nature’s Revenge: Climate Change and COVID-19

Nature’s Revenge: There’s no doubt that the mindless activities of men affect nature and the coronavirus pandemic is proof of it. Read more to learn how these actions are changing the climate which sows pandemic diseases.


Coronavirus response proves the world can act on climate change

Experts warned the world about the effects of climate change as much as they did with coronavirus. Yet, people remain adamant about the issue despite scientific evidence. Now that the world is under COVID’s mercy, we have seen how governments all over the world have taken drastic measures to mitigate the virus in the past few weeks. Take a look at how coronavirus response proves the world can act on climate change.


Coronavirus delays global efforts for climate and biodiversity action

UN Climate Change said it won’t hold any physical meetings until the end of April amid efforts to contain Covid-19. With the delay of 2 critical UN Summits, how does COVID19 affects global efforts for climate and biodiversity action?


How is the global organized labour movement responding to the threat of climate change?

If you think that climate change only has environmental impacts, think again. Sharan Burrow, General Secretary of Information Trade Union Confederation, talks about the effects of climate change on employment in this interview. What are the impacts of climate change on worker’s livelihood and how is the global labor movement responding to the threat?


What Has Climate Change Cost Us?

Climate Change affects Global Economy: Did you know that based on ILO’s World Employment and Social Outlook 2018, climate change threatens 1.2 billion jobs? Learn how Climate Change cost us and what’s being done.

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