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2022 Nonprofit Jobs Outlook and Economic Trends

2021 saw a shift in how many Nonprofits operated. By the end of 2021, Healthcare job growth reversed for the first time in many years. Gearing up for 2022, spending on science-based programs has been rapidly increasing, and we expect this trend to continue. Click here for more.


Mothers in the Workplace: 12 Ways Employers Can Attract and Retain Working Moms

Since 47% of U.S. workers are women, that means creating policies and a company culture that supports working mothers. During COVID-19, this is even more important, as more than one in four working moms are considering reducing their hours or leaving the workforce entirely.


Challenges of HR And Its Shift Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Hurdles that HR personnel face differs every day and help them be better professionals. To handle this responsibility, HR professionals must understand the job’s everyday challenges & solutions. Here are 6 of the HR challenges today and how to approach them.


29 Recruitment Strategies With Real Examples for 2022

Every company recruits candidates differently due to a variety of factors. Rather than define a specific path you should follow, here are 31 examples of creative recruitment strategies that companies across the nation have utilized to hire top talent.


An Employee’s Perspective on Compensation: How to Attract and Retain Remote Talent

One of the benefits of a remote workforce is the ability to broaden your talent pool. Organizations are no longer confined to hiring local people or people willing to move. This article reveals employees’ POV on various compensation models & how remote talent acquisition works.


On-the-Job Development Opportunities for Nonprofit Staff

Helping nonprofit employees to advance in their careers doesn’t have to be costly. In fact, there are plenty of creative on-the-job opportunities for employees to learn new skills without an organization having to spend a dime.


How to Create an Incentive Program for a Nonprofit Organization

Creating a successful incentive program for a nonprofit organization is essential for modern businesses that want to attract/retain top talent, foster a positive work environment, and promote good teamwork & collaboration. Here’s how to create a competitive incentive program.


The agile recruitment process: hiring with leaner teams and budgets

How is your budget? Because inflation hits everyone, hiring isn’t easy, and now you may be hiring with leaner teams and budgets just in the time where everything costs more. This means a more agile recruitment process for you and your company.


1 in 3 women are considering leaving the workforce or changing jobs—here’s why

New data from Lean In and McKinsey & Company shows that the gap between women and men who feel burned out has nearly doubled — and that disparity is driving more women to consider downshifting their career or leaving the workforce altogether. Click here to find out why.


Welcoming Back Retired Employees

While hiring retirees may present some challenges, there are numerous benefits that organizations can reap. If you’re thinking of hiring a retiree, here are four key elements to keep in mind.


The Intersection of HR and Corporate Social Responsibility

Embracing corporate social responsibility isn’t just a marketing move. Stakeholders know sincerity when they see it. That’s why integrating HR and corporate social responsibility is essential for creating and sustaining fundamental change.


Recruiting, Retaining, and Supporting the Advancement of Indigenous People

There is minimal Indigenous representation in the workforce due to misinformation, misunderstanding, and general lack of knowledge. Hiring Indigenous talent has benefits, but certain practices need to be acknowledged and addressed to recruit and retain Indigenous talent.


5 Ways to Retain More Volunteers in 2022

What steps is your organization going to take to retain more volunteers in 2022? Here are 5 strategies to incorporate into your retention plan going into the new year.


5 HR trends you should be paying attention to in 2022

2020 and 2021 changed the way we work forever. But like most things in life, 2022 is certainly the year HR will have to ride the transformation waves that rippled across the past two years. So, what are the key HR trends for 2022? Click here to find out.


Top Interview Questions to Ask Nonprofit Candidates

Finding the right person to join your nonprofit team can be a daunting task. Many hard skills can be taught on the job—but how can you tell if a candidate has the passion and potential to help you move your mission forward?


Steps to Creating an Ethical Organizational Culture

The culture of an organization influences the moral judgment of employees & stakeholders. Companies that work to create a strong ethical culture motivate everyone to act with integrity. Want to know how to create an impactful Ethical Organizational Culture? Click here to find out.


The 7 recruiting principles of highly effective nonprofit boards

The challenges of governing a nonprofit are often more complicated than those faced by board members of similar-sized for-profit entities. Attending to these principles of highly effective nonprofit boards can help your organization set the stage for success.


Nonprofit Organizations, and Human Resources Management

Staffing decisions are among the most important decisions that nonprofit organizations make. Just as businesses and organizations of all sizes and areas of operation rely on their personnel to execute their strategies and advance their goals, so too do nonprofit groups.


17 Membership Retention Best Practices That Work With Your Advocacy Strategy

Organizations spend significant time & resources recruiting new members & advocates, but retention is also important. Read ideas for membership retention!


Decent Work for Women Is Essential for the Future of the Nonprofit Sector

The nonprofit sector is better able to achieve its missions because of decent work. Decent work is a term used to describe fair, stable, and productive work. Sadly, most women are not experiencing decent work in this sector. Let’s find out why.


Five reasons why digital work may help promote inclusion of youth with disabilities

Digital jobs are opening up important new work opportunities for youth with disabilities in developing countries, which was accelerated by the pandemic. Here are 5 reasons why these developments may present an opportunity to ramp up efforts to include youth with disabilities.


The Benefits and Challenges of Nonprofit Jobs and Working In The Sector

What are the benefits and challenges of nonprofit jobs as well as the issues and the realities of working at nonprofits? This article provides helpful insights as to how it’s like working for NFPs, foundations, and other related organizations.


The Best Recruitment Strategies for Nonprofits

Hiring the ‘right’ people for nonprofit work has always been the biggest challenge. Nonprofits don’t offer the same salary that for-profit organizations do. The best way is to define & manage recruitment & retention processes. Here are a few strategies you can follow.


A Nonprofit Guide to Human Resources Management

So many nonprofit organizations start with one person, one passion, and one mission. But to make an impact, most organizations eventually have to hire someone else. Pretty soon, the office is starting to look crowded, and it’s time to get some help with human resources.


How to Hire the Staff Your Mission Deserves

With the enthusiasm to “staff up”, there is a commensurate risk of committing costly mistakes. Screening—separating the “want to work here” from the very best candidates for open positions—is the key to hiring the staff your mission deserves. Click here to find out why.


How to move between nonprofits and for-profit companies

This kind of job change can feel like moving from one world to another. Use these strategies to make the transition as seamless as possible.


How to Market Yourself in the Nonprofit Sector

Being a talented candidate is often not enough to land a senior leadership role, so job seekers need to get out and sell themselves to prospective nonprofit employers. This article will help nonprofit job seekers put their best foot forward during a nonprofit job search.


Top 10 Tips for Running a Good Nonprofit Hiring Process

Any hiring process takes thoughtful planning. But for nonprofits, which often face time and money constraints, and whose staff are highly driven by passion and commitment to a cause, the planning process takes on new meaning. Here are some tips on running a successful hiring process.


Nonprofit hiring and onboarding strategies in an increasingly digital world

Now more than ever, it’s important for nonprofits to re-evaluate their recruitment and onboarding procedures—and to ensure they are just as effective in a remote setting. Here are 3 critical steps to attract and retain employees in today’s competitive job market.


The Great Resignation: Why Your Nonprofit Employees Are Quitting and How to Stop It

Millions of people have quit their jobs across all job categories with many more considering it. While many will argue it’s all about pay, according to Gallup research, the highest quit rate is among those that are “not engaged” and “actively disengaged” workers.


How Nonprofits Can Create Inclusive Boards in a New Normal

Although diverse boards better serve their stakeholders, recruiting & retaining these members continue to be challenging. Today, remote work appears to be the new normal. With the right tactics, boards will be able to improve their makeup while still fulfilling their mission.


5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Interview Process

In the nonprofit world, it’s important to scope out quality employees who can contribute to the organization’s mission and propel its vision forward. Here are a few steps that hiring managers can take to streamline their interview process while finding the right candidates.


Paternity Leave: The Hidden Barriers Keeping Men at Work

Paternity leave, which comes with multiple benefits, is more widely offered than ever before. So, why aren’t more men taking it?


How To Write Nonprofit Job Postings That Truly Work

Selecting where to post and effectively writing engaging nonprofit job postings is the most important key element when creating effective job postings and recruiting staff. Click here to how to employ these approaches to increase probability of hiring talented professionals.


A Future-Proof Reward Strategy is Flexible, Personalized & Inclusive

Reward systems are the glue that keeps companies together, motivates employees, & boosts performance and commitment. What are the key elements of a future-proof reward system & how can you inspire exceptional performance and employee commitment? Let’s dive into it.


Why Community Involvement and Volunteering Make Better Employees?

People make up the workplace, and the world around it. Team members are inexorably linked to the groups, towns, cities and states around them. Embracing that fact can help bolster a positive, thriving environment at work. But why? Click here to find out.


Common Nonprofit Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

When applying to nonprofit jobs, the process might look slightly different from applying to a regular company. They may ask you questions about your intentions & qualifications. This blog shares common nonprofit interview questions that you can use when coming up with responses.


Understanding and Combating the Negative Effects of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment for their staff. Not only is the prevention of sexual harassment a legal necessity, but it’s also what’s best for your business. Here are the steps to be taken towards sexual harassment prevention.


Vaccine Mandates are Legal and Effective. It’s Time for Nonprofits and Foundations to Implement Them

Back in June, as COVID numbers decreased. But when the Delta variant surged, ICU units are filled up. When situations are serious, we need to figure out what we can control and take action. One thing we can and must do now is to implement vaccine mandates at our workplaces.


Why Hiring For Cultural Fit Can Derail Your DEI Efforts — And What To Do Instead

Many organizations are still hiring for “cultural fit.” If you are looking to build a more diverse & inclusive culture, hiring based on cultural fit may be at odds with your diversity, equity & inclusion efforts. Here is why you need to stop hiring for cultural fit.


Busting HR Myths

Human Resources is probably the one department globally that faces the brunt of rumors, biases and misunderstandings in the corporate world. It’s about time to get these 7 HR myths busted and stand unitedly as a department to speak up on the true functions of HR professionals.


Why Showing off Your Impact Will Nab You a Great Hire

Research shows that candidates are more loyal to organizations with a purpose. These organizations are more likely to have higher rates of productivity and longer tenure. Read on to learn how purpose-driven organizations attract great hires.


6 Strategies for Recruiting Peer-To-Peer Fundraisers

Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising is a popular choice for nonprofits. With some careful planning, you can get your support base directly involved and connecting you to their social networks. In this post, we’ll review 6 strategies you can rely on for recruiting P2P fundraisers.


Why return-to-work is putting HR and people leaders in charge

As companies transitioned to remote work to their return to the office, people operations experts drove the multifaceted considerations and logistics of both shifts. As a result, people operations have been asked to rethink the functions to deliver effective work experiences. Read on to know more.


The Recruitment Risks of Too Many Interviews

Employers might want to use an extensive interview process to vet candidates thoroughly, but they need to be careful not to drive applicants away. Click here to learn some of the best practices that might help strike the right balance for recruiters.


4 Ways to Reduce No-Shows

One of the major issues that companies face is no-show workers. When workers are scheduled to work but don’t show up, this can cause major logistical headaches. Click here to find out how to reduce no-shows in the workplace.


How to Avoid Nonprofit Burnout At The End Of The Year

In the nonprofit sector, it may seem especially difficult to create the ideal healthy working environment. One of the biggest sources that cause burnout is end-of-year fundraising. Here are some tips that nonprofit employees can use to address common stressors during this time.


How to Make the Right Executive Hire

When COVID-19 hit, many executives opted for early retirement. Others were let go by their companies due to perceived redundancy in roles or the need for financial cutbacks. Over a year later, companies are trying to recruit quality leaders. Here’s how you can do it.


Performance Management: 5 Drivers for Success

Despite varying opinions, organizations still need to have a process for managing performance. Good thing is that organizations have some flexibility in creating a performance management process that does works for them and their employees. Read more to learn about these drivers.


Should Nonprofits Ditch College Degree Requirements in Job Descriptions?

At a time when labor shortages are leaving many nonprofits struggling to attract the talent they need, unnecessary requirements in job descriptions could be holding back hiring efforts. Follow these steps to know if the role/s you need to fill require a college degree or not.


What Recruiters Need To Know About Hard To Fill Positions

Whether it’s finding someone with the right skills or in the right geography, filling certain roles can be hard. With workers having their pick of jobs, it’s important to discuss the labor market and advise employers who want to reach their recruiting and growth goals.


The Most Actionable HR Metrics Across the Employee Life Cycle

Employee turnover is the HR metric that is most closely analyzed and acted upon by organizations, but it shouldn’t be the case. A survey said that time-to-fill, employee absence, and cost-per-hire were also important. Click here to learn more about other HR metrics to prioritize.


4 Ways to Further Your Nonprofit Career with Continued Learning

As a nonprofit professional, it’s important to enhance your own education and encourage others to do the same to improve organizational retention, programming efficiency, and fundraising adaptability. Here are some strategies to help you continue your learning in the NFP sector.


Tips for Pre-Qualifying Remote Candidates

More people are working remotely and they’re liking it. If you’re hiring remote workers, this is good news. Screening candidates for remote positions can be challenging. Here are some key attributes that you need to assess when qualifying candidates for remote positions.


How can HR avoid creating a culture of overworking?

The pandemic resulted in many employees working longer hours than needed. To avoid this from happening in the first place, HR should follow these four steps.


You Need to Hire an Executive Director for Your Nonprofit — Now What?

As the tide of uncertainty moved in a variety of directions, organizations lost valuable employees, including executive directors. Hiring an executive director is likely the most important decision a nonprofit board will face during its time in office. Here’s what you should do.


How to attract working mothers to rejoin the workforce post COVID

Employers who offer various flexible work arrangements will not only attract a more gender-diverse candidate pool, but they’ll also show their current employees who are working parents that they understand – and care – about their needs. Read on to know more.


9 Things Employers Look For In A LinkedIn Profile

According to LinkedIn, users with All-Star profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn, including job offers and new connections. To get to this status and to attract employers to your LinkedIn profile, there are several things you’ll need make sure your profile has. Read on to know more.


7 Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Hiring a Grant Writer

Grant writing is a job suitable for a meticulous and skillful individual. Hiring a professional grant writer is one of the most significant investments a nonprofit organization can make. The right hire ensures that the organization never runs out of funds. Read on to know more.


Considering the Longer-Term Effects of Letting Star Employees Get Away with Ethical Violations

What does management do when a star employee violates company policy? If management lets a star employee get away with such violations, how will this affect average employees? Read on to know more.


7 Easy Ways to Find the Best Candidates on LinkedIn

Finding and recruiting top talent for your company is key to growth and stability. So how do recruiters find candidates on LinkedIn to fill those positions? Read on to know more.


Behavioral Interviewing: The Achilles Heel of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Behavioral interviewing has been the gold standard in hiring and recruiting for decades. But new conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion reveal that relying on the sole assumption that “past behavior predicts future performance” is a deeply flawed way to assess a candidate’s potential. Read on to know more.


9 Tips for Conducting a Seamless Video Job Interview

As offices and businesses around the world continue to reopen, companies are looking to marry the best practices of the old work world with the best ideas of the new. One aspect of remote work that promises to be a prominent feature of the emerging hybrid workplace is the video interview. Read on to know more.


Quick Quits: When You Recruit Hard But Onboard Soft

We’ve all had quick quits. They suck. But when you’re ramping up hiring in a big way, quick quits are a primary threat to the effectiveness of your recruiting machine. Read on to know more.


How to manage your internal hiring and job posting process

Investing in employee development to fill open roles is a growing trend. Your current employees are qualified, know your company well and are already a culture fit, so looking among them for your next great hire makes sense. Read on to know more.


How to Hire a Great Executive Director

The most important attribute a leader must have is the ability to build, cultivate and steward relationships. This means getting the best staff hires “on the bus” and retaining them, partnering with the board chair to cultivate relationships that lead to a first rate board, and building a sphere of influence that leads to volunteers, donors, corporate sponsors, and the best staff. Read on to know more.


7 Ways to Support Employee Growth and Professional Development

One way for businesses to keep employees satisfied and committed is through employee growth and professional development initiatives. Udemy found that 42 percent of employees said that learning and development were the most important benefits when deciding where to work. Read on to know more.


Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Quality New Hire Orientation and Onboarding Program

With a proper job orientation, new employees need to know who they will meet, what to wear, what to bring and how their job supports the organizational mission. Employees need to have a tour of the workplace, review company policies, understand company history and values, plus review a well-thought-out schedule for further training and mentoring. Read on to know more


Differences in the Roles of HR in Profit & Nonprofit Organizations

Organizations share a need for people to carry out their mission. In for-profit businesses, that mission centers on making money for shareholders. Nonprofits, however, exist for a charitable, religious, educational or political purpose. Human resources in both types of organizations handles functions such as staffing and recruitment, supporting the group’s culture and employee compensation. Read on to know more.


Five Tips For Hiring And Managing Effective Nonprofit Employees

Nonprofits are hurting. Due to an unprecedented pandemic and a tumultuous economy, charitable giving has been impacted and in-person programs are all but nonexistent. Now, more than ever, nonprofit leaders must focus on the people of their organization and ensure they are hiring effective employees who can navigate the choppy waters of 2021. Read on to know more.


5 Questions to Prepare For When Interviewing in the Nonprofit/Service Industry

Thinking about joining a nonprofit? Preparing for the interview will be a key factor in determining your success, but chances are, you won’t be able to anticipate every question the interviewer throws at you. Read on to know more.


Crush Job Interviews While Wearing Face Masks Or Using Zoom

Job interviewing has definitely changed. Interviews now take place either over Zoom or in person wearing a face mask sitting six feet or more apart. Not quite the best conditions to create rapport. But it’s not impossible. And remember…everyone is in this same situation now. Read on to know more.


HR Metrics: The ‘5 ways’ of choosing one!

There are five ​“W” ques­tions to ask when design­ing a met­ric and each con­tributes to the valid­i­ty of the mea­sure. The best met­rics are col­lect­ed with a clear pur­pose, using a delib­er­ate method­ol­o­gy with the right peo­ple at the appro­pri­ate time and opti­mal location. Read on to know more.


4 Ways Nonprofits Can Improve Employee Engagement

Case in point, more than 40% of employees report at least some level of disengagement with their work on a regular basis. While the majority of such issues were more passive in nature, a small percentage of employees report being actively hostile toward the nonprofit they work for. Read on to know more.


2021 Recruiting Report: The Future of Remote Work Post-COVID-19

Traditional recruiting strategies are designed to reach and attract employees who will work full time, in an office, close to where they live. After the COVID-19 shift to remote work, however, the majority of workers who can do their jobs from home want to continue doing so after the pandemic. A foundational shift in employee expectations is reshaping the future of work, including the ways recruiters must find and attract top talent. Read on to know more.


How Nonprofits Can Stay Competitive in the Hiring Market

Hiring for a nonprofit is more complicated than it seems at face value—and staying competitive in the hiring market can be one of the biggest challenges organizations face. While most people want to help support charitable causes and organizations, there are some major challenges that recruiters run up against. Read on to know more.


How to Transition to a Nonprofit Career

Jobs with nonprofits usually have a “greater good” mission, so if you’re transitioning to that field, think about how an organization’s goals might mesh with your personal objectives and career goals over the long-term. Here’s what you need to know about nonprofit work and potential considerations when thinking about transitioning to this sector. Read on to know more.


How women are being left behind in the quest for decent work for all

Even before the onset of the pandemic, gender equality in the workplace remained elusive. Now women are on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, as they make up the bulk of essential workers, including 70% of health-care workers. Read on to know more.


How to Serve on a Nonprofit Board Without Regretting It

Serving on a volunteer board of directors can be a study in frustration or one of the great pleasures of your life. If you and the organization are not well-matched, you may be bored at best and appalled at worst. But when both volunteer board members and charity are compatible, serving on a board can be personally and professionally rewarding. Read on to know more.


Workplace Compliance: Clarify The Hot-Button Issues You Can’t Ignore Anymore

Do compliance worries keep you up at night? An HRMS can give you peace of mind. Let’s discuss how to minimize your risks. The goal is to protect your employees, customers, and your business. Read on to know more.


5 Pain Points in Your Candidate Experience (And How to Improve Them!)

Did you know that only one-third of candidates report a positive candidate experience? This means that the majority of candidates are likely experiencing pain points somewhere along their candidate experience (CX) with your organization. The good news is that most of these problem areas can be fixed by improving how and when you communicate with candidates. Read on to know more.


What to Do When You Encounter Sexism at Work: Micro-Inclusions

Micro-inclusions create space for everyone to feel safe and supported. The actions are small (micro) but in multitudes, they have a big impact. Read on to know more.


2021 HR Statistics: Job Search, Hiring, Recruiting & Interviews

What is the average number of applicants per job? How much does it cost to hire someone? How long does the recruitment process take? Read on to know more.


Problems That Can Slow Down Hiring

It’s difficult to hire new employees for your company because you only want those who will fit your company the best. However, even when you find the right person, it can take a while for you to hire them. Read on to know more.



There are 3 Hs to Hiring. Skills are important, but if you don’t hire out of pure desperation, it’s easy to train on skill in many cases. What’s not as easy is training on crucial elements… Read on to know more.


It’s Time To Face The Facts: We Have A Gender And Diversity Problem In The Nonprofit World

There are fewer women in top positions of larger nonprofit organizations, and when there are women in those positions, they are likely to be paid less than male leaders. Read more to find out why it’s time to acknowledge gender and diversity problem in the nonprofit world.


The Right Hire: How to Decide Between Multiple Qualified Candidates

When a company is faced with deciding between job candidates, selecting the right person can present many challenges. While you would rather have multiple strong candidates than none, figuring out which one to hire can be a tough chore for hiring managers. Read on to know more.


How can nonprofits effectively recruit and retain high-performing employees?

According to HRZone, a high-performing employee possesses traits such as self-motivation, ability to take ownership, ability to be a team player and adaptability. There are two main areas that nonprofit organizations should be focusing on to improve their HR departments – recruitment and retention. Read on to know more.


Strategic Nonprofit Board Recruitment

When organizations aren’t raising as much money as they need, they’ll often say: “We need to recruit new board members.” This is very often true, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle as to why they’re not being more successful with fundraising. If you’re about to embark on some board recruitment, this article will help encourage you to do a little soul-searching first so you can embark on your quest strategically.


3 Reasons Why a Culture of Feedback is the Name of the Game

As staff continues to work from home, research has shown that frequency of feedback is especially essential to engaging your remote workers—and the cost of disengagement is high. When working toward the advancement of a mission, there is no time or money to waste. Here are three ways through which a culture of feedback will increase your capacity to deliver on your mission by establishing trust, promoting a career development mindset, and ultimately accelerating the success and longevity of your organization.


How HR Can Support Workers With Hearing Loss

In a world where communication is key, it is incumbent on organizations to consider how we might better support our colleagues who are living with hearing loss. Here are five ways HR can support employees who experience hearing loss.


Moving from public to private sector

Moving From Public to Private Sector: Switching sectors is not a piece of cake. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered before taking a leap. In this article, you will learn about the real difference between the private and the public sectors, the common challenges, and how you can ensure a smooth transition.


Strategies to Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages

Strategies to Mitigate Healthcare Personnel Staffing Shortages: Maintaining appropriate staffing in healthcare facilities is essential to providing a safe work environment for healthcare personnel (HCP) and safe patient care. Click here to know how CDC’s mitigation strategies offer a continuum of options for addressing staffing shortages.


3 Compensation Strategies for Your Remote Workforce

Getting pay right for remote workers requires a thoughtful, well-considered strategy, something that companies are struggling with right now. According to a survey, 6 in 10 employers say they intend to pay remote employees the same as in-office workers no matter where they live, while 18% intend to set pay levels by looking first at the market value of an employee’s skills and then factoring in their location. If you’re having a hard time choosing the right compensation strategy for your remote workforce, you can read this article for new ideas.


Reference Checking: A Lost Art

Reference Checking: Why Is It a Lost Art and How to Be Creative in Crafting Reference Checking Questions, Especially in the Nonprofit Sector? Read on to know the answers.


Strategies for attracting and retaining Hispanic employees

Credit unions across the country are finding it challenging to hire new staff. Hispanics represent the fastest-growing population segment in the United States, which, in fact, is now the world’s second-largest Spanish-speaking country after Mexico. These growth trends are set to continue. Attracting and retaining Hispanic employees soon will become critical to credit union success if it hasn’t already. Here are some strategies for hiring success.


The Challenges Faced By Women in The Workplace

Challenges faced by Women in the Workplace: Women continue to remain underrepresented at every level. According to the Women In the Workplace 2018 report, representation of women of color is the least causing them to stay behind white men, men of color, and white women. Women of color comprise only 17% of entry-level roles and 4% of C-Suite positions. This underrepresentation gets worse in senior management positions. Click here to find out more.


Overcoming the challenges of recruitment in the age of COVID-19

The pandemic has forced people to work from home, and businesses to recalibrate and pivot their digital strategies to a new mobile age. This means business leaders are faced with the unique challenge of remotely recruiting, onboarding, and training a dispersed workforce – or risk being left behind.  Rachel Robinson, EVP Public Sector Services at Teleperformance, comments on how businesses can successfully recruit, onboard, and train new starters all while working remotely.


5 Ways to Prepare for a Recruitment Market Bounce-back

Despite a lull in business for some agency recruiters over the past 12 months, the UK job market is expected to take off towards the middle of 2021, thanks to the vaccine rollout and easing COVID-19 restrictions. This means we can look forward to better, busier times ahead in recruitment! Here are a few actions you can take to ensure you’re fully prepared.


The Contingent Workforce: Everything You Need to Know

Most organizations today work with different types of temporary employees and have developed a contingent workforce as a result. In this article, we’ll learn about what a contingent workforce is, the best practices that we can adopt, and why it’s likely to become an even more important part of your organization’s human capital over the years.


Nearly half of nonprofit staff employees expect cost-cutting in 2021

According to the 2020 Eagle Hill Consulting Nonprofit Survey of more than five hundred nonprofit staff, 58% of respondents said their employer took steps to reduce costs in 2020, with program reductions (30%) topping the list, followed by hiring freezes (30%), staff furloughs (25%), salary reductions (24%), and layoffs (20%). Read on to know more.


How to Hire: 5 tips for public service recruitment

The public and generally non-profit sector isn’t exactly included in lists of ‘cool’ places to work. That adds to the challenge of hiring in an industry that’s regimented and budget-constrained, to begin with. So how do you attract all these talented people out there, and choose the best among them? Click here to know the tips for public sector hiring.


Struggling To Find Good Talent? 15 Ways To Switch Up Your Hiring Strategy

When hiring, companies always want the best candidates but finding “the best” is often easier said than done. With so many hiring sites and competitive recruitment processes, the person who is the perfect fit for your job may never even see your listing. Read on to know how companies struggling to find top talent can change their strategy and increase the chance of attracting top candidates.


Performance Management Alignment: What HR Can Expect In the Year Ahead

Over the past few years, there’s been an on-again/off-again conversation about performance management, specifically the performance review. Here are a few articles about performance management that might help organizations get their processes back on track.


Why is Human Resource Management Important for NGOs?

It is not enough just to have a dedicated team for an organization. It is fundamentally believed that unless the team is not properly managed, motivated and performed, the organization will not achieve its goal and objectives. Here is an interesting introductory video from the Society for Human Resource Management that explains how important it is to develop human resources to achieve progress.


Preventing Burnout: Strategies for Keeping Nonprofits and Their Volunteers Going Strong

The nonprofit sector is well acquainted with this workplace phenomenon. Organizations like yours tackle big issues, and you and your volunteers work hard to make real change in your communities. But what happens when the nonprofit work you’re passionate about leads to unmanageable stress? Here’s to help you recognize the signs of nonprofit employee burnout and volunteer burnout while outlining strategies to help you catch it before it becomes a problem.


How HR Can Take Advantage of Its Family-Building Benefits

Family-building benefits are among the most sought-after benefits being offered in 2021. In our new work-from-home climate, COVID has not deterred employees from pursuing family-building but rather has created more demand on employers for this robust benefit. More than ever, the responsibility is on employers to create an environment conducive to the sustainability of work/life balance for their employees. This presents a wonderful opportunity for HR professionals to embrace and support employees through their family-building process.


5 No Good Mindsets That Block Nonprofit Talent Management

When it comes to the sustainability of your nonprofit, you might be tempted to focus solely on grants, funding, and community partnerships. And, you’d be partly right. However, your people are what really help you grow and sustain consistent results. Read on to know the no-good mindsets that block nonprofit talent management.


How to support women in the workplace on International Women’s Day

Based on a Women in the Workplace study, almost 2/3 of women experience “microaggressions,” or verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights targeted upon marginalized groups, in their workplace. This discrimination isn’t always explicit. Oftentimes, these microaggressions present themselves as women having their judgment or expertise questioned, having to provide more evidence for their claims, or being mistaken for a more junior position than they are. With this in mind, here are top ideas you can adopt to start building a more inclusive workplace.


Diversity Management: How Can It Help Grow Your Business?

According to PageGroup, 63.3% of companies now use diversity management, almost 20% more than three years earlier, which shows that diversity management matters a great deal in modern workplaces. That’s because equality and diversity in the workplace can lead to better functioning teams, happier employees, and, on top of that, more revenue. Read here to find out more on how Diversity Management can help grow your business.


5 Digital Strategies for Recruiters to Compete for Talent During COVID-19

Traditional recruiting is becoming a thing of the past. In fact, approximately 79% of HR professionals have now replaced traditional recruiting methods with online recruiting tools. With COVID-19, these tools and strategies are required for recruiters to identify, attract, and retain top talent. Read on to know how can recruiters compete in a digital age that offers talented candidates more choice than ever before.


Unlocking Hidden Value: How Investing in Immigrant Talent Benefits Your Bottom Line

This report lays out the case for unlocking this population’s potential. Learn how to use JFF’s Impact Employer Framework to make strategic investments that benefit immigrant and refugee employees and your bottom line.


How to Hire: 6 tips to succeed in healthcare recruiting

If you’re ramping up your hiring efforts, it’s wise to brush up on your medical recruitment strategies. Click here to know the list of tips you can follow to stay ahead of the latest healthcare recruiting challenges.


How to Find the Right HR Mentor

Finding the Right HR Mentor: Employees go to HR to resolve issues, but who do HR professionals go to when they have a problem?


Charity, Not-for-profit & NGO careers • Misconceptions

Even up to this day, some people believe that the only way to work in the charity, not-for-profit and NGO sector is to do unpaid volunteer work. This is absolutely untrue and one can work permanently for an NGO or NFO and get paid an actual salary. Here are some of the misconceptions about charity, not-for-profit, and NGO careers.


3 Reasons to consider pursuing your HR certification online

Up until now, most recruiters and HR professionals still learn the old fashioned way – relying on experience. Since the pandemic hit, recruitment and HR professionals have a lot of learning to do, especially when they have to keep up with trends while still prioritizing people’s welfare. Is it worth it to acquire recruitment/HR certifications? Here are three reasons why you should.


8 Steps to Overcoming Ageism in the Non-Profit Sector

Senior candidates (candidates over 50 years old) are experiencing a headwind when trying to secure their next role in the nonprofit sector. In a world where diversity and inclusion are of utmost importance, how can we ensure that senior talents are not taken for granted and what steps can they take to better position themselves to land their next position?


Recruitment Best Practices and Trends for 2021

Indeed, 2020 has been a year of unprecedented situations and social and economic disruption. With the close of this year, there are a lot of pertinent questions on nonprofits’ mind. One of the important questions is the hiring of new employees. If you’re thinking of creating a hiring plan for next year, consider these best practices and trends before proceeding to recruit new talent.


Workplace Safety Preserves and Protects

Workplace safety is not only about preventing injury and illness to employees and volunteers in the workplace. It’s about protecting the nonprofit’s most valuable asset: its staff members. Tons of benefits await nonprofit organizations if they exert more effort in protecting the staff’s well-being. Click here to know how workplace safety preserves and protects nonprofit workers.


The 2020 Nonprofit Employment Report: The 3rd Largest Employer Faces the Covid-19 Crisis

A new report from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies finds that U.S. nonprofits maintained their position as the third-largest employer in the U.S. economy. However, as is the case with all sectors of the economy, nonprofits face challenging times as a result of the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to know more.


3 Non-Profit Recruitment Strategies

With the unemployment rate shrinking in Canada, the best corporate talent in the non-profit sector has more options than ever. But how do nonprofit organizations can compete for scarce talent in a seller’s labor market? Read on to know more.


A missed opportunity: How the nonprofit sector can do a better job of hiring people with disabilities

Many employers may say they don’t have staff with disabilities, but this just isn’t true. In fact, the 2017 Canadian Survey on Disability conducted by Statistics Canada, determined that 22% of the Canadian population over the age of 15 has one or more disability. However, the majority of disabilities are invisible or hidden, with chronic pain, flexibility and mobility issues, and mental health being the most common.


How Nonprofits can stay competitive in the hiring market

Business is booming in the nonprofit sector. Charitable donations rose after the most recent Presidential election, and 51% of nonprofits expected to increase their staffing last year. While that’s all good news, it’s not the full story. Finding the right people for these roles is often difficult for nonprofits. Click here to know more.


How employers can bolster Indigenous hiring

Although the Canadian government is actively recruiting from the talent base, a report from the Conference Board of Canada (CBoC) suggests that half of the organizations in the Northern and remote regions of Canada are struggling to hire indigenous workers. Continue reading to see how employers can bolster indigenous hiring and why this is considered a win-win situation for employers and indigenous talent.


Well-Being Lessons for Improving Charities’ Online Recruitment

One of the biggest preoccupations and challenges for most organizations is attracting and retaining the best employees. Although online recruitment and corporate websites are often used as instruments for talent attraction, there is not much academic research expounding on this topic. To give a better understanding of the situation, a comparative study focuses on the attention and quantifies the web section devoted to careers, concretely information related to goods practices affecting the workers’ well-being.


Staffing of small nonprofit organizations: A model for retaining employees

Small nonprofit organizations (SNPOs) are a large part of the growing nonprofit sector. These nonprofit organizations (NPOs) generally receive $100,000–$250,000 in annual revenue. These entities operate similarly to for-profit businesses, with a mission, values, and dependable employees. Click here to know more.


Critical Human Resources Management – Is It So Good?

Critical human resources management is fundamental for any business because it helps you take care of the most important part of your company – employees. Read on to know more.


Data Shows How Nonprofits Can Recruit the Best Talent

Over 75% of professionals in North America say they are interested in working for a nonprofit, according to a recent LinkedIn survey. That means there is a massive group of talent waiting to hear about a job opportunity at the right nonprofit. Read on to know more.


7 Organizations for Disabled People to Find Employment

It would be living in denial or even plain unfair if one says that the struggles of job hunt is the same for everyone. Let’s face it, the difficulties of finding a job is not the same for people with disabilities. Click here to find out the organizations where people with disabilities can find employment.


To hire the best scientists, you first have to understand what they really want

Success in science requires building top-performing teams. In today’s political climate, headlines forecast a grim effect on scientific research. As such, we wanted to understand what researchers really need to help institutions navigate today’s geopolitical crossroads and continue building teams that can accelerate scientific progress. Read more to know what 10,000 scientists think about their academic job market needs and find out how recruiters can hire the best scientists.


Advancing Duty of Care and Healthy Workplaces

Duty of Care is the obligation to ensure the safety or wellbeing of others, ideally at the level of Thriving Standards. Read on to know more about what NGOs and INGOs need to meet their Duty of Care responsibilities.


13 Employee Engagement Trends for 2020

Employee engagement is a very abstract concept. It is the “emotional connect” that an employee feels towards its organization. Here is a list of employee engagement trends that will help you build a happier, productive, and engaged workforce.


How To Recruit New Members for Your Association on Social Media

There are dozens of ways to attract new members for your association, however, one of the most effective methods is using social media. It has been estimated that more than half of the world’s population has at least one social media account. Click here to know how you can leverage the popularity of social media networks to help you recruit new members to your organization.


How recruiters and hiring managers can work together

Recruiters and hiring managers share a common goal: finding great candidates as quickly as possible. In a perfect world, their collaboration is smooth and effective. But often, the recruiter-hiring manager relationship is a tense one. Read on to learn how recruiters and hiring managers can work together.


4 Ways Businesses Benefit From an Increase of Women in the Workforce

Gender inequality in the workplace has been a topic of conversation for decades. Much has changed since then, with some occupations “switching genders” and the gender pay gap closing. Women in business know the effect they have on the workplace – and studies have shown the benefits companies can realize by increasing women in the workplace. Here are 4 ways businesses benefit from an increase of women in the workforce.


How to Speed Up a Remote Recruiting Process

The hiring pool has never been more diverse than it is today. In the modern digital landscape, you’re not restricted to working with candidates that happen to be on your doorstep. As long as you have the right cloud services available, you can hire employees from anywhere in the world. Click here to know how you can create a quick and efficient online recruiting process.


HR is overwhelmingly white and female, data indicates

Seventy-one percent of HR professionals are female, according to Namely’s HR Careers Report. The HR platform for mid-sized companies said its 2018 Workplace Diversity Report revealed women represented 67% of the HR workforce. The company said it used its database of over 1,000 companies and 200,000 employees to glean its demographic insights for the HR profession.


7 Tips for Getting Hired After Age 50

It can be especially challenging to find a new job in your 50s and 60s. Did you know that the average duration of unemployment for job seekers ages 55 to 64 was 20.9 weeks in March 2020, compared with an average of 17.5 weeks of unemployment among all workers, according to an AARP Public Policy Institute analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data? Here are some strategies to find a new job after age 50.


Rewards and challenges: working for a small NGO

If you work for a small human rights NGO, it can come with plenty of challenges and rewards. But your time at a small NGO can ultimately shape your career and your outlook on human rights work, so it’s important to understand what your experience there could look like. Read on to know more.


6 Easy Ways How To Reduce Stress at Work (And Be Happy) in 2020

There’s a silent killer in your workplace – Stress. Countless studies show that excess stress can cause real physical symptoms like headaches, upset stomach, increased blood pressure, chest pain, and trouble sleeping; not to mention anxiety and depression. Here are 6 easy ways to reduce stress at work in 2020.


Top 4 Nonprofit Recruitment Challenges and How to Overcome them

Due to limited financial budgets and manpower, nonprofit organizations face a unique set of recruitment challenges. Read on to know these challenges and how to overcome them.


Why Your Mentorship Program Isn’t Working

Did you know that people who have strong mentors accrue host of professional benefits including more rapid advancement, higher salaries, greater organizational commitment, stronger professional identity, and higher satisfaction with both job and career? It is said that mentoring can transform lives and careers while bolstering retention and maximizing employee potential. Read on if you’re looking to create a mentoring program in your organization or improve upon one that already exists.


How to Build Relationships that Maximize Performance at Work

Having a healthy work relationship with your employees not only establishes a positive working environment but also helps in your organization’s growth. Positive work relationships matter because it creates a stronger ties with your team members, which, in turn, increases the productivity of your team. Here are some key tips to help you build relationships that maximizes performance at work.


6 Guidelines to Implement a Successful Flexible Workplace Culture

Flexible work arrangements are more than a trend—they’re a cost-efficient way of keeping a business running. However, when flex work arrangements aren’t implemented well, organizations are faced with lower employee performance and lower overall business success. Here are 6 ideas to help your HR department plan and get started building a flexible workplace culture.


How Nonprofits Can Stay Competitive in the Hiring Market

Business is booming in the nonprofit sector. Charitable donations rose after the most recent Presidential election, and 51% of nonprofits expected to increase their staffing last year. While that’s all good news, it’s not the full story. Finding the right people for these roles is often difficult for nonprofits. Read on to know how nonprofits can stay competitive in the hiring market.


Staffing of small nonprofit organizations: A model for retaining employees

Small nonprofit organizations (SNPOs) are a large part of the growing nonprofit sector. One factor that sets SNPOs apart from for-profit organizations is the ability that for-profit entities have to provide higher, more competitive wages and better benefit packages for employees. Read here to find out why staffing of small nonprofit organizations is a model for retaining employees.


Using HR Metrics for Nonprofit Strategy and Planning

HR metrics allow your organization to gather information from the past and present to forecast the future. These metrics can add strategic value to leadership decision-making and in turn, helping you improve organizational development, employee effectiveness and competitiveness as an employer. HR metrics may be intimidating for some nonprofit organizations. Here are some ways on how you can use HR metrics for nonprofit strategy and planning.


3 Unique HR And Payroll Needs For Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations face many of the same challenges as for-profit businesses, but usually with more limited resources. Over the past decade, the number of nonprofits has increased by 30%. This means funding is more strained and uncertain than ever, and competition for talented nonprofit leaders is even stronger. Here are the unique HR and payroll needs for nonprofit.


4 Ways To Use Your Sourcing Superpowers For The Greater Good

Sourcers have a unique set of skills that enables them to search for elusive yet talented candidates. They go above and beyond to find and verify background and contact information. However, what many sourcers don’t realize is that their skills have the potential to be be used outside talent acquisition. Here are some ways that you can consider in using your sourcing skills for the greater good.


Pandemic Will ‘Take Our Women 10 Years Back’ in the Workplace

Pandemic Will ‘Take Our Women 10 Years Back’ in the Workplace: Improvements in gender equality in the workplace may be another casualty of the coronavirus, as women find their place in the work force more at risk


Never let a good crisis go to waste’: How to keep HR relevant in challenging times

Who would have known that 2020 would be such a challenging year for global nonprofit organizations? Challenging times bring out the best and the worst in people and organisations. So how can HR professionals stay relevant during challenging times? Read on to learn more.


HR Challenges? Your farm is not alone

HR Challenges? Your farm is not alone. Competing for talent and recruiting is number one concern among agribusinesses, according to new study.


5 Alternate Ways to Ask Your Employees “Are You Okay?”

The global pandemic has had a drastic impact on the mental health of individuals, with a shocking 1,000% increase of individuals calling mental help hotlines. There have been times when managers and supervisors are trying to comfort their staff but some people find the initiative quite overwhelming and uncomfortable. Here are othere ways you can show support to your employees.


5 nonprofit HR challenges and how to fix them

Are nonprofit HR challenges any different than those for-profits face? If so, what are they? And how can nonprofit leaders address them? Here’s a close look at what makes nonprofit HR unique and five challenges you can learn to avoid.


HR outsourcing: Benefits and pitfalls for small nonprofits

Leaders of small nonprofits often handle “back office” tasks by themselves and are always happy with their performance — especially when it comes to HR. However, small nonprofits lack the funds to pay HR specialists or lack enough work to keep them busy full-time. One solution to these issues is outsourcing. But before you delegate HR responsibilities to an individual consultant or outside firm, keep the following points in mind.


How to combine Employee Commitment and Covid-19 ?

Although the issue of employee commitment is not new, the Covid-19 crisis puts more than ever the HR decision-makers at the heart of the problem. From now on, companies must apprehend digital innovations to attract and retain their talents. Click here to know how you can combine employee commitment and Covid-19.


How To Be Resourceful With Limited Resources

Hearing “no” is a sourcer’s worst nightmare. Next is hearing that the company will be cutting the budget. How can we recruit or source if we cannot offer a competitive wage? Read on to know how to be resourceful with limited resources.


Why You Need to Hire a Head of Remote Work — and What That Job Entails

Due to an unprecedented event, businesses all over the world are forced to work with either skeleton staff or remote-based staff to continue their operations and minimize health risks caused by COVID-19. Because of this, the smartest and most practical way to ensure smooth transitioning is to hire an executive who will lead this journey for the next couple of years. Read on to know why you need to hire a Head of Remote Work – and what that just entails.


Women Are Now the Majority of the U.S. Workforce — But Working Women Still Face Serious Challenges

The majority of the U.S. workforce is made up of women and yet, they still face serious challenges. What’s driving the surge in female employment?


Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: How to Inspire Your Remote Employees

Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Motivation: What is the Difference and How Can you Inspire your Remote Employees? Read on to know more.


Reverse Mentoring: What Millennials Can Teach Executives and Managers

Large companies may find it challenging to think of new ideas to test and implement, but it doesn’t mean corporations can’t leverage its size to drive rapid innovation. This is where reverse mentoring comes in. Read to find out what millennials can teach executives and managers.


The Single Biggest Step to Pay Equity? Stop Asking About Salary History

What is the single biggest step to pay equity? Banning questions about salary history. According to James Bessen, an economist, the use of salary-history information perpetuates inequality. Bessen was the principal investigator of a Boston University study which shows that in states where salary history bans have been implemented, the pay for those who switched jobs increased 5-6% more than those who changed jobs in other states.


How to Avoid Employee Burnout and Increase Productivity: Eight Top Tips

Did you know that based on a study last year, 65% of SME owners said their business productivity—or lack thereof—keeps them up at night? A major cause of lost productivity is due to employee “burnout”, a term recently added to the World Health Organization’s international classification of diseases. Here are 8 top tips to avoid employee burnout and increase productivity.


15 Tips to Hire Talent Post the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Many potential candidates who have applied, been interviewed, or even been offered a position are now in limbo. Due to the governments’ mandate to practice social distancing, self-isolating, and working from homes, hiring talents at this point becomes challenging. Read on to find out how to avoid losing top talent in these crucial times.


One NEW and Simple Step to Increase Employee Engagement on LinkedIn

Are you struggling to get your team to engage with the content posted to your LinkedIn company page? LinkedIn now has a tool to help! The new LinkedIn Employee Notifications feature allows you to easily let your recruiters know when you’ve posted an update on the page. Read on to learn more.


Are we about to see a mass exodus of female workers?

According to a survey by WerkLabs, a predictive analytics solution that helps companies build a better workplace for all their employees, the negative pandemic-driven employee impacts fall particularly heavily on women and working moms. Are companies and organizations ready to see a mass exodus of female workers?


Tips for Managing Job Descriptions and Expectations

One of the roles of a recruiter is to translate clients’ needs into a job description that potential candidates can relate to. Due to the large hiring pool, the selection process becomes more challenging. Not to mention, many applicants have just started in their career and may not have the experience needed to meet the client’s expectations. It’s up to the recruiters to collaborate closely with hiring managers, HR reps, and candidates to find candidates who are well suited to the job and will fit into the company culture. Here are some ideas on how recruiters can better manage job descriptions and expectations.


HR Considerations for Returning to Work After COVID-19

HR Considerations for Returning Employees after COVID-19: What are the human resources policies and procedures that should be reviewed, revised, and communicated while developing a plan for a safe and successful return to the workplace post pandemic? Read on to know more.


Empathy alone is not enough:’ How HR can boost workplace equality

‘Empathy alone is not enough’: How HR can boost workplace equality: A recent report from Mercer explains why it’s time to “get real” about diversity and inclusion.


Strategies for building employee financial security during the COVID-19 pandemic

Strategies for building employee financial security during the COVID-19 pandemic: Why is it that now is the right time to double down on what we know are the best practices in benefit design and employee engagement?


8 Job Skills To Succeed In A Post-Coronavirus World

Ever wonder what a post-pandemic-world might look like? How will the world transform after we get COVID-19 under control? Workplaces are likely to change and so are the skills required by the companies as offices starts to operate. Here are 8 job skills that you should have to be in high demand after the pandemic.


World Day Against Child Labour

World Day Against Child Labour 2020 focuses on the impact of crisis on child labour. A joint ILO-UNICEF paper on the impact of COVID-19 on child labour, to be released on 12 June, looks at some of the main channels through which the pandemic is likely to affect progress towards the eradication of child labour. Read on to know more.


Coronavirus Career Advice: 27 Best Work From Home And Remote Jobs

Even before we were hit by COVID-19, remote work jobs were on the rise due to the increasing number of workers preferring flexible arrangements helping them achieve a work-life balance. As coronavirus spreads, companies are asking employees to work from home, and laid-off workers are looking for opportunities to work remotely. Here is a compilation of remote-based jobs that you can consider.


5 tips for HR: Employee communications during coronavirus outbreak

The way we work changes rapidly, which is why CHROs and their teams play an important role in managing responses to COVID-19. Here are 5 tips on how you can take charge of your employee communication during coronavirus outbreak.


Life After the Coronavirus in HR

Our current situation may be full of uncertainties but one thing is for sure. No organization, whether private or public, will be immune to the global economic challenges that will ensue after the pandemic crisis passes. It’s time for HR to make a real business difference rather than professionally administering the release of talents. Learn how.


Hire me because I’m the best, not because I’m a woman

Read on to find out what Laura Wilbanks, Chief Marketing Officer for Thomson Reuters has to say when she was hired not because of her gender but because she was the best candidate for the job.


How HR Can Support Businesses Amid Coronavirus Uncertainty

In times of uncertainty during the coronavirus pandemic, HR executives can step up to support their businesses in new ways. Read on to know more.


This is what’s wrong with Human Resources – and how to change it

The rise of HR can be traced back to the dawn of the industrial age. What would HR look like, if we invented it today?


How Managers Are Handling Performance Reviews During COVID-19

Managers unaccustomed to supervising employees from afar face challenges in evaluating performance and providing good feedback. Read on to find out how they handle performance reviews during COVID19.


Recruiting Challenges for 2020

Here are a few of recruiting’s probable challenges in 2020, along with their ramifications.


Nonprofit Staff Are Getting Performance Incentives

HR managers focusing on staff retention as pool of workers tightens. Read on to know more.


Nonprofit Staffing Challenges – What You Can Do

The challenges of managing and leading the people in our nonprofits have intensified in the last few years. In a recent series of articles, the Nonprofit Quarterly highlights some of these issues and the need for solutions. Read on to know more.


Challenges That May Impact The Nonprofit Sector In 2020

As society evolves and changes over time, new problems and crises also arise. Fortunately, these new issues can also give rise to innovation, new solutions and some truly necessary new nonprofit organizations. As leaders in their field, the members of Forbes Nonprofit Council always try to stay on top of the current and projected trends. Read on to know their predictions about the upcoming challenges that may emerge and are likely to have a large impact on the nonprofit sector in 2020.


4 Trends Changing the Way You Hire and Retain Talent in 2020

LinkedIn’s blockbuster new Global Talent Trends 2020 report, which sees these four ideas reshaping the way you’ll be attracting and retaining talent in the coming years: the emergence of employee experience, the spread of people analytics, the return of internal recruiting, and the ascent of the multigenerational workforce. Read on to know more.


The Impact Of The Coronavirus On HR And The New Normal Of Work

The Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime. But the larger question is: how will this massive transformation impact the workplace, you, your team, and your organization? Find out more.


The coronavirus crisis thrusts corporate HR chiefs into the spotlight

The covid-19 pandemic presents a different challenge and highlights the role of another corporate function, often unfairly dismissed as soft. In a pandemic, a chief people officer can make or break a company. Read on to know more.


Covid-19 Crisis – Stress Test for Companies’ Recruitment and Retention

Covid-19 crisis is already breaking countless businesses and causing record unemployment. Companies thinking long-term would do well to view the current situation as a stress test for their recruitment and employee retention strategies.


Best video conferencing software in 2020: paid and free solutions for business

Companies are doing everything they can to practice social distancing while continuing their operations to help flatten the curve on coronavirus. However, the sudden shift of some companies from office-based to remote-based may impact productivity. Here are the best collaboration software that supports companies in making arrangements to accommodate remote working.


For Hard-To-Fill Positions, Try Finding Passive Candidates

According to LinkedIn, 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent and the remaining 30% are active job seekers.


The 11 Best Productivity Apps for 2020

A highly productive workplace is imperative to improving your relationships with your customers. This enables your company to effectively and efficiently complete tasks on time or even ahead of time. However, working remotely has more challenges than it is when you’re working in an office. Read more to know about the best productivity apps for remote workers this 2020.


Conference Call Etiquette For Those Who Work From Home

The sudden rise of work-from-home employees due to the pandemic paved the way to videoconferencing services such as Zoom or Google Meet to become the go-to method for meetings and communication. The thing is, not everyone is acquainted with these software and it may cause potential etiquette issues in the future. Watch this video to know how you can immediately improve your phone etiquette fast.

The 10 Commandments of Remote Work Etiquette

We’re living in the digital age which sometimes makes us forget that there are actual people behind the screen. Every person, whether it’s your client, boss, colleague or staff member, we have to give them the same courtesy and respect as we would give to people we meet face-to-face, especially now that there’s a pandemic which forced people to stay home for health safety. Click here to know the 10 commandments of remote work etiquette.


The Ultimate Working From Home Guide

An increasing number of people have been shifting from office-based to remote-based jobs. Thanks to technologies like Skype, Facetime, Slack, Zoom, Google Hangouts, authenticator apps, and cloud computing, it’s not impossible to collaborate with co-workers based in several parts of the world. Planning to join the bandwagon? Read on to know how you can start working from home.


CareerBuilder: 74% of employers admit hiring the wrong candidate

74% of employers admit they’ve hired the wrong person for a position 78% of resumes are misleading and up to 46% contain actual lies Unfortunately, a bad hire can cost a company upwards of $50,000


Human Resource Challenges in the Workplace Arising from the Coronavirus

The COVID19 pandemic caught companies around the world by surprise. The massive news and information about the latest strain of coronavirus left both employers and employees anxious and confused. Here are some HR challenges in the workplace and some guidelines that HR managers can follow as they navigate this emerging public health situation.


The 4 Trends Changing How You Hire in 2018 and Beyond

78% of HR professionals say that diversity is the top trend impacting how they hire.


The ‘stranded employee’ is a coronavirus problem the work world has never seen

Two recent surveys conducted by CNBC indicate that more than one-third of companies have workers they describe as being “stranded” away from work for extended periods of time during the COVID19 global outbreak. HR concerns are raised due to coronavirus-related issues: Do they have to come back into the office right away? Do companies require them to stay at home?


The Ultimate List of Hiring Statistics

According to LinkedIn, 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive talent and the remaining 30% are active job seekers.


The video interview: top tips for employers

Organizations are evolving. As more companies become multicultural and multidisciplinary, the need for a more connected workforce is on the rise. Face-to-face interviews aren’t as common as it was since more hiring companies favor video interviews. Here are some top tips.


Why is recruitment in 2020 going to be difficult? And what can your organization do about it?

According to a study, 87% of HR professionals reported “few or no qualified applicants” for the positions they were trying to fill.


Coronavirus: HR’s role in business continuity plans

According to survey, 76% of Asia-based companies said that the coronavirus outbreak had left a negative impact on their businesses. As COVID19 outbreak continues to spread worldwide, can HR leaders help businesses manage the crisis? Find out more.


The ‘stranded employee’ is a coronavirus problem the work world has never seen

Two recent surveys conducted by CNBC indicate that more than one-third of companies have workers they describe as being “stranded” away from work for extended periods of time during the COVID19 global outbreak. HR concerns are raised due to coronavirus-related issues: Do they have to come back into the office right away? Do companies require them to stay at home?


The Smart Way to Save Jobs in the Time of Coronavirus

One-fifth of U.S. workers already report losing hours of work because of the COVID19 outbreak. Since worker layoffs are seen as inevitable part of an economic crisis, how can employers keep workers on the payroll, ease the pain of a downturn and speed economic recovery? Read on to find out more.


Managing Communicable Diseases in the Workplace

Companies are scrambling to respond as the coronavirus spreads around the world. An official from US CDC appealed to the employers to do everything they can to contain the virus. Here are some of the ways of how employers are reacting to protect their employees and their businesses.


Aboriginal Employee Retention Checklist

How can HR departments not only successfully recruit indigenous people, but also retain them and keep them from leaving? Here is a suggested checklist that every HR professionals should put into practice.


HR leaders’ top priorities in 2020

Business growth remains the major objective in 2020, followed by operational excellence improvement, according to HR leaders who answered the Gartner 2020 Future of HR Survey. Amid uncertainty on a range of economic workforce, employee and environmental issues, what should be the main priorities of CHROs and other HR leaders this year? Let’s check the results and see if it’s time to refocus your organization’s HR priorities.


Nonprofit Management Tips to Develop Your Career

67% of nonprofits have no talent acquisition strategy and 56% say that they have no plans of changing their talent sourcing methodologies. With the rise of newer opportunities in the nonprofit sector, there’s definitely a need to tap into this market and NPOs need to act now! You should too. Want to start your career in nonprofit management or advance to a leadership role in the nonprofit sector? Here are 7 tips that you can follow.

HR Best Practices Can Lead to a Better Expat Experience

According to findings participated by over 170 expats, their psychological well-being, language fluency, and training before relocation had a positive overall effect on adjusting in the first nine months of the international experience. What can you do to convince expats to apply for the position you’re offering? Read more to learn the best HR practices leading to a better expat experience.


Workplace Motivation for Nonprofit Teams

Did you know that the fastest way to demotivation is ignoring a colleague’s contribution? According to research, ignoring someone’s work is more demotivating than discounting it. Knowing that nonprofit organizations are mostly driven by passion and social contribution, what are the steps that NPOs can take to keep a positive and engaged workplace? Read on to learn how NPOs can boost workplace motivation.


The Challenges of Nonprofit Recruitment 

Why nonprofit recruiting can be so challenging, and how hiring teams can improve their chances of success?


Nonprofit Organizations, and Human Resources Management

Nonprofit organizations rely on their personnel to execute their strategies and advance their goals. Therefore, staffing decisions are among the most important decision that NPOs should make. To accomplish this, what are the 6 personnel issues that NPOs have to address? Click the link to find out.


Nonprofit Recruitment Challenges

Why is it so challenging to recruit in the Not For Profit Sector? Discover some reasons.


Greatest health risks at work

Every job and industry has its own unique circumstances, there are some health risks that are pretty universal — here are seven to be aware of and some tips on how to avoid them to keep every employee happy, healthy, and fully engaged.


Green HR Practices

Have you considered converting to Green HR? What is it, by the way? According to LinkedIn, Green HR is the use of HRM policies that promotes sustainable use of resources in business organizations. Read on to know more.

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