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Coaching Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations: Integrating Psychological Principles for Effective Leadership Development

Leadership is a critical component of any organization, including non-profit organizations. Effective leadership can help non-profit organizations achieve their goals, fulfil their mission, and positively impact society. Coaching is a leadership approach that can be particularly effective in non-profit organizations, focusing on developing the skills and abilities of individuals and teams.


How to Train Your Nonprofit Team in 2024

Nonprofit training is a critical component of running a successful organization. With these five steps, you can create a culture of learning within your team.


20 Nonprofit Experts Share Trends To Watch In 2024

With the end of the year fast approaching, many nonprofits are already deep into planning and executing initiatives for Q1. In addition to set goals giving teams an idea of what to work toward, examining the market for emerging trends can help ensure a nonprofit organization is moving in the right direction to best meet the needs and expectations of constituents.


Coaching skills for managers: Why is it important? Tips & examples to empower your managers

A study by the International Coach Federation found that 86% of companies using coaching saw a positive return on investment, highlighting the tangible benefits.


Three Steps to Follow When Strengthening Your Organization

Buffeted by a stream of external forces like the pandemic, worker shortages, and inflation the past three and a half years, nonprofit leaders have faced a constant need to consider changing aspects of their organizations to remain effective and sustainable – how they deliver programs, how they deal with increased costs, how they meet constituent needs, how they fundraise, and many others.


Why Empathy is the Key to Outstanding Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

Empathy is contagious and influences and shapes a work culture of caring. As leaders, we have a responsibility to model this behavior, demonstrating an authentic interest in our people as humans.


Leading With A Strategic Mindset Is Key For Nonprofit Executives

In the evolving nonprofit organization landscape, leading with a strategic mindset is not an option; it is essential. Nonprofit executives who lead with this mindset align their organization with a core mission centered on stakeholder experience, growth, brand awareness, financial and operational management, governance, talent management, technology and innovation.


Embracing Generational Diversity: The Key to Effective Leadership

In today’s dynamic workforce, leaders have the unique opportunity to manage teams comprising individuals from diverse generations, each with distinct work styles and motivations. The traditional “”one size fits all”” approach to leadership no longer suffices in the modern workplace. Instead, embracing generational diversity and building personal connections with our teams are essential to positively impact them.


Nonprofit leadership essentials: Skills every leader needs

Most leaders get into, and stay in, the nonprofit sector because they are mission-driven people at heart. They want to help others, create change, and have a positive impact.


10 Tips for Emerging Female Leaders

Uncover 10 essential traits that can make you a successful female leader. From resilience to humility, these qualities will empower you on your journey to the top. Lead with grace, support fellow women, and take risks to thrive in your career. #Leadership #WomenInLeadership #ProfessionalGrowth #Empowerment #Success #LeadershipTraits #CareerAdvice


Keeping the Dream Team: Unleashing the Power of Employee Retention in Nonprofits

Today, nonprofit organizations grapple w/ high employee turnover rates. Uncover the hidden costs of turnover & explore effective strategies for employee retention. #NonprofitLeadership #EmployeeRetention #StrategiesForSuccess


Bridging the Gender Gap: Amplifying Women’s Leadership in Fintech and STEM

Empowering girls & women in STEM is vital for increasing female participation in digital & fintech industries. Learn how breaking gender norms, providing education & mentorship, and promoting women in leadership can create a more diverse and inclusive future. #WomenInSTEM #Fintech #GenderEquality


Essential Coaching Skills for Strong Leadership

Explore effective coaching skills for workplace success. Key attributes include empathy, positivity, communication, and guidance. Improve your coaching abilities to enhance team performance and achieve organizational goals. #CoachingSkills #WorkplaceSuccess #LeadershipDevelopment


Talent Calibration Can Rise Above Politics. But How?

Learn how to make unbiased data-based decisions to drive a fair & transparent talent calibration process. Know the “”STAR”” process & create fruitful conversations about your organization’s most valuable asset — talent. #TalentCalibration #DataDrivenDecisions #TransparentProcess


5 Strategies for Overcoming Barriers for Women in Leadership

Unlocking the potential of #WomenInLeadership is crucial for organizations. Learn key strategies to address barriers, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, and support early-stage employees in their career journey. Overcome challenges and empower women in leadership roles. #DEI #LeadershipTips


How To Develop Self-Sufficient Teams

Unlock the power of self-sufficient teams. Empowerment brings reduced supervision, adaptability, innovation, and growth. Overcome challenges, adjust attitudes, foster experimentation. Click here to discover more. #Leadership #TeamEmpowerment #AutonomousTeams


Empowering Women as Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Boosting women in leadership & entrepreneurship is crucial for societies & economies. Despite hurdles like legal barriers, childcare gaps, societal norms, finance constraints & workplace biases, partnerships & the private sector can drive change. Let’s explore innovative practices to drive gender parity together. #WomenEmpowerment #GenderEquality


Three Ways to Prepare Your Nonprofit Workforce for the Future of Work

Are your staff equipped to achieve your mission? A McKinsey study reveals that 9 in 10 executives see skill gaps in their teams. This applies to nonprofits too. Without the right skills, your organization and staff will struggle. How can we prepare for the future of work?



Women have made significant strides in less than a century, now comprising over half of the US workforce. However, gender disparities persist in leadership positions across sectors, with men holding the majority. #WomenInLeadership #GenderEquality


How Responsive Strategic Planning can maximize your nonprofit’s impact

In the nonprofit sector, adaptability and strategic problem-solving are essential for addressing challenges and seizing opportunities. Nonprofit leaders must empower their organizations with the necessary tools to navigate constant change, leverage new information, embrace technology, and effectively solve strategic questions.


9 Nonprofit Leadership Skills Every Founder & Director Must Master

Growing a nonprofit takes more than just passion: you also need creativity, persistence, and a handful of nonprofit leadership skills to guide your organization through the growth years and fulfill your mission.


Women Are Leading The Tech Nonprofit Sector. Meet Six Solving Problems They’ve Lived

The share of women in tech leadership roles recently dropped to 28%. This gender gap presents a huge problem, and not only for workforce diversity. Good news: change is coming. Just look at the tech nonprofit sector. 60% of the tech nonprofits in this cohort are led by women.


How Nonprofit Leadership Development Sustains Organizations and Their Teams

With a few simple practices, nonprofits and NGOs can turn a talent development process into an employee retention tool, a leadership pipeline strategy, and a step toward a more inclusive workforce—all at the same time.


5 Ways To Improve the Representation of Women In Leadership Positions

For the first time in the 68 years of existence of the Fortune 500 list, more than 10% of Fortune 500 companies are being led by women. That being said, we’ve got a ways to go in bridging gender gaps in leadership positions.


Navigating Return-to-Office Policies in a Work-From-Home World

Few topics have been as polarizing in workplace culture as return-to-office policies. From organizations embracing WfH setup to those mandating a office-based setup, every solution has its pros & cons. But one thing is for sure, nonprofit leaders need to find a balanced solution.


Why Executive Coaching is Essential for Nonprofit Leaders

Great leaders. We look up to them, we trust them, we respect them. But how does one become great? Are great leaders simply born that way? Maintaining effective executive leadership in organizations is critical no matter the industry, however, that is especially true of the nonprofit sector.


7 Challenges Female Leaders Face in the Workplace – And How to Combat Them

It’s estimated women account for almost half the global workforce. Yet, only about 27% of women are in management and leadership positions. Even fewer hold top-tier, C-suite level jobs.


16 Emerging Nonprofit Trends Leaders Should Be Watching In 2023

Whether an organization operates in the for-profit or nonprofit sector, new trends are a common occurrence. While business trends and practices constantly change and evolve, keeping up with the latest operational and technological developments is essential if leaders want to take their business to the next level.


Why Nonprofits Need Female Leaders And How To Retain Them

Unlike some business sectors known for poor gender parity, the nonprofit space is a professional field with a tremendous number of talented women. Women make up the majority of nonprofit employees, yet climbing up the proverbial ladder is easier said than done.


10 reasons why the world needs more women in leadership roles

In recent decades, there have been calls for greater gender equality while enhancing the need to close the gender wage gap. Although tremendous strides have been made in this aspect, there is still a fundamental lack of women in leadership roles.


Key Steps Women Can Take to Be Strong Leaders

In the past, many women have struggled to find acceptance in the workplace because of societal expectations and stereotypes. However, women have made enormous strides in several formerly male-dominated industries and are excelling in leadership roles.


The “Perfectionist” Trap: How Women Leaders See Their Value at Work—and How They Can Break Through in 2023

As organizations strive to meaningfully engage, support, develop and retain women leaders in 2023, it is important to understand exactly how women leaders perceive themselves as leaders—and identify the workplace behaviors that may be potentially inhibiting a woman’s ability to advance,” said Katharine Panessidi, AVP of the Advancing Women Leaders Practice at Linkage. Here’s what the latest data from Linkage tells us about women in the workplace in 2023.


26 Inspiring Nonprofit Leaders Who Will Impact the World in 2023

Nonprofit leaders within the nonprofit sector play a huge role in the economy, providing essential services that boost economic activity and generate economic growth. These nonprofit leaders profiled below exhibit the essential attributes of an impactful nonprofit leader, and their organizations will undoubtedly impact the world in 2023.


13 Top Skills That Make Nonprofit Professionals Invaluable Team Assets

The needs of a business, be it a for-profit or a nonprofit, are rarely static. Whether an organization is making process changes or handling new challenges, nonprofit leaders need to ensure their teams are continually maintaining their current skills and learning new ones.


How to Develop Yourself as a Nonprofit Leader

Many people who are working within the ranks of nonprofit organizations could become great senior nonprofit leaders. However, in part because of budget constraints, few organizations in the sector have formal professional development programs to prepare mid-level managers for senior roles.


How To Apply for a Leadership Role at a Nonprofit Organization

If you’re interested in helping your community or advocating for social causes, you may want to pursue a leadership role at a nonprofit. The application process for these roles may vary, but there are several common ways you can approach these positions.


How to Develop Yourself as a Nonprofit Leader

Six senior nonprofit leaders who have spent their entire careers in the nonprofit sector offer advice to mid-level nonprofit managers looking to move into senior nonprofit leadership roles.


Women in the Workplace: Why Women Make Great Leaders & How to Retain Them

The Center for Creative Leadership research found that women in the workplace want these 3 things — here’s how your organization can deliver them, and improve performance.


HR trends 2023: Melding humanity and hybrid work to retain top talent

In the past couple of years, HR leaders were tested like never before. With the abrupt shift to remote work, mass resignations, economic volatility, and geopolitical upheaval, they were challenged on all fronts. What are the HR trends to expect in 2023?


Hiring in 2023: How Talent Leaders Are Navigating a Changing Market

Just a year ago, hiring was soaring, and recruiters were in high demand. But now as the economy cools, LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends, October 2022 report shows that hiring rates are slowing globally. Read on to understand how talent leaders from companies around the world navigate the uncertain hiring market going into 2023.


The 6 Most Common Leadership Styles and How to Use Them

More than ever, today’s employees long for purpose, a sense of belonging, and opportunities to grow. This means workers are ready to roll up their sleeves and make things happen. And yet, employee happiness is down while burnout remains high. The main culprit? A workplace culture that doesn’t support the passion and drive of today’s employees.


How 4 women of color are navigating C-suite leadership at work

While some thrive in the C-suite, many women of color experience bouts of self-doubt, burnout, and even impostor syndrome in their executive roles. CNBC Make It sat down with four diverse women in the C-suite. Click here to learn more about their individual experiences being leaders in the workplace.


What is the ‘Great Breakup’ and why are so many women leaders quitting?

Unprecedented numbers of women leaders in the US are quitting their jobs, according to a new survey by McKinsey. Women surveyed say they face barriers making it harder for them to advance, including microaggressions and having their judgment questioned.


How Nonprofit Leaders Can Strengthen Their Mission

Running a nonprofit organization can be challenging. Robert Egger, a nonprofit founder, and award-winning author, and speaker joins the Workday Podcast to share how nonprofit leaders can get the most from their organizations.


How Can You Be Sure Someone Has What It Takes to Lead People? 

The lack of maturity in most leadership settings is becoming increasingly obvious. Most organizations are so results-driven and short-term focused, they don’t put enough emphasis on the actual emotional maturity of the people they hire and promote that will benefit them long-term. Click here to know more.


What Great Remote Managers Do Differently

No one anticipated the massive shift to home-based remote work that happened in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic. A new study surveyed managers and employees alike for what worked and what didn’t as they navigated managing and being managed remotely. The key finding was a subtle but important shift in how employees expected their managers to work.


Traits That Will Instantly Point to Someone With Bad Leadership Skills

Leadership is serious business and not having a handle on these could pose a serious risk. Here are the 5 traits that will instantly point to someone with bad leadership skills.


Internal and External Barriers to Women in Leadership

75% of female executives experience Imposter Syndrome. Women’s self-confidence impacts the sector & the systemic barriers & dysfunction in nonprofits can greatly impact women’s confidence. Read how you can create change in yourself & the sector to shift the leadership gap.


13 Ways Nonprofit Leaders Can Actively Support Their Staff’s Mental Health

Ensuring that staff members have the necessary tools & skills is just an aspect of being a leader. What’s also key is creating a safe environment where employees feel supported. Caring about your staff’s mental state can go a long way and here are some ways a nonprofit can help.


What Leadership Development Should Look Like in the Hybrid Era

Traditional leadership development tells us that 70% of learning happens through on-the-job experience, 20% through feedback, and 10% through formal training. Research conducted over the past three years points to an alternative — sensemaking, experimenting, and self-discovery.


NGOs must rapidly evolve to stay relevant, say NGO leaders – Oxford survey

Aid and development organizations are at a turning point and urgently need to change, according to an unprecedented survey today of leaders of international NGOs (INGOs) by the University of Oxford.


How Women in Leadership Are Changing the Landscape of Work in 2022

53% of Americans believe men will continue to hold top executive positions, while 22% believe women are better off not having children if they hope to establish themselves in senior roles. Other studies show further disparaging gaps between men & women in leadership.


Top Recruitment Insights for Recruitment Leaders​ Who Want to Grow

Based on statistics, 1/3 of recruiters quit due to lack of training & it costs £$€14,000 to replace one recruiter! This podcast will discuss the constant disruption that recruitment leaders & their recruiters have had in recent years.


Why Leadership Development Should Be At The Core Of Your People Strategy In 2022

The labor market is no longer the way it used to be, and job seekers & employees have higher expectations, which makes it more challenging to maintain business continuity. Because of this, companies face the demand to create top-tier strategies & develop a better leadership body.


Supporting Nonprofit Leadership Transitions A Board Member’s Most Important Role

Nonprofit boards serve organizations in many ways. However, their most important role may emerge during a leadership transition. We are at the beginning of a wave of transitions, mostly driven by a generational shift. How can board members successfully support these transitions?


How Nonprofit Leaders Can Successfully Navigate the Rough Waters of a Crisis

The pandemic has shown us that a crisis can come in all different forms, and can impact everyone. The nonprofit sector has taken a significant hit during the pandemic and for this matter, a crisis management plan is essential for all leaders and their organization to have.


Leadership In Tech: How Can We Get More Women To The Top?

A report reveals how diversity in exec teams results to financial outperformance. Yet women are still underrepresented, particularly in leadership. As more women earn STEM degrees, the industry is rife w/ inequities. How can we get more women at the top in tech across the board?


Nonprofit Leadership in 2022: From Challenge to Transformation

Learn how to get your mission right, overcome fundraising issues and lead your organization into the future.


Women in leadership: why having women in leadership roles matters more than ever

Global companies are making some progress getting more women into senior leadership, but it’s slow. The countries leading the way across the globe are France, Iceland and Norway, with more than 40% female representation on company boards.


4 Challenges that Large Nonprofit Organizations Often Face and How to Overcome Them

In order to be successful, large nonprofit organizations often have to overcome some extreme challenges to stay on the right track towards achieving their mission and goals.


Women Leadership in 2022: Shifting the Corporate Landscape

Women in corporate America endure burnouts considerably higher than men. Despite this, women leaders are stepping up to support employee well-being and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.


Scaling Your Nonprofit’s Impact Starts With Your People

As the nonprofit sector becomes more focused on accountability and performance, grantors and other stakeholders are increasingly emphasizing capacity-building. This can take the form of improved financial management, strategic planning, efficient internal communication and a wide range of other internal capabilities.


5 Tips for Nonprofit Leaders to Avoid Claims of Wrongful Termination

No nonprofit leader relishes the unfortunate task of ending an employee’s employment — be it for performance problems, misconduct or operational reasons. It is a difficult process, so much so that nonprofit leaders who excel in every other area may find themselves rushing through the process to avoid the difficulty.


Heading into 2022: HR leaders share the biggest challenges

2020 was about the switch to the new normal. 2021 was about thriving in the new normal. Navigating 2022 would be a different journey. This articles provides the biggest HR challenges in 2022 that human resources leaders might be expecting.


Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2022

Gartner, a technological research & consulting firm, polled over 800 HR leaders from various industries and locations to determine their objectives for the coming year. Interested to know what HR Professionals should focus on in 2022? Read more to find out.


Women Leaders: A New Era in Farm Bureau Advocacy

More than 1/3 of American farmers & ranchers today are women. Having once found their place as caretakers in the home, women leaders & agriculture advocates today are impacting the future of Farm Bureau. Let’s see how this new era of advocacy enhances the bureau in 2022 & beyond.


10 Leadership Essentials for 2022

2022 demands a more human approach, & a new leadership strategy. Leaders who can remain optimistic, build agility & deliver business strategies will create workplaces for both people & organizations to flourish and succeed. Here’s how to get started reimagining your strategy.


7 Nonprofit Management Tips to Develop Your Career

There are few structured career paths in the nonprofit industry. In fact, 67 percent of nonprofits have no talent acquisition strategy and 56 percent say they have no plan to change how they source for talent. But as the sector grows there are more and more opportunities to contribute to social impact in your nine to five, so where do you start?


Your Nonprofit Grants Manager Is Leaving: What Comes Next?

Employees will come & go, but that should never slow down your work. To prevent undue disruption, understanding why & how to handle staff ahead of time will be essential, especially if it is a leadership role that directly generate revenue for your mission – your grants manager.


Missing Out: Understanding the Female Leadership Gap in Fundraising

A research commissioned by the IoF & carried out by Dr. Beth Breeze, Director at the University of Kent, & Dr. Elizabeth J. Dale, Asst. Professor at Seattle University, explores the challenges women face in achieving equal representation at senior levels in fundraising.


How to Be a Great Supervisor: Insights Learned from 20 Years of Managing

People are experiencing a level of stress never seen in the past. How can supervisors help their employees perform at their most productive level amid all the stressors in our lives? Here are three things you can do to manage employees for success in the workplace.


Stop gender stereotyping if you want more women to reach top jobs

Managers should think beyond genders in their treatment of employees. True equality will be achieved when we no longer feel we have to quote percentages of men or women in certain roles & positions. Find out how managers can stop gender stereotyping to get more women in top jobs.


Leadership Skills for a Human Resources Career

Taking an HR career to the next level involves the conscious development of a range of skills. That’s why HR leaders stand out — they have certain personal qualities that might appear to come naturally, but which can be also developed w/ focus & training.


Amplifying the Voice of Women in Leadership in 2022

As we head into 2022, we know one thing is for sure, there will be even more turbulence impacting how we live, work, travel & socialize. Access to data to help us understand how the pandemic specifically impacted women. Find out how we can amplify the voice of women this 2022.


Nonprofit Leadership in 2022: From Challenge to Transformation

We’ve experienced enough change in the last two years, and while we recognize this, let’s put aside for the moment the ubiquitous challenges themselves & focus on what we can control. Let’s hone in on what the evolving global environment means for nonprofits in the coming year.


Ten Leadership Lessons to Get a Jumpstart on 2022

If 2021 taught us anything, that is to navigate this new normal to be successful. While no one can predict the future, leaders insist that we focus on what we can control. Ten leaders were asked about the lessons learned from 2021, and here is what they said.


Six Ways Leaders Can Adapt to the Workplace of 2022

Effective COVID-19 response was still the biggest challenge of 2021 for most organizations and managers. We’re also more attuned than ever to societal issues. With this in mind, what key change must managers make to adapt to the workplace of 2022?”


Managing international foreign hires

Hiring ex-pats have long been part of how corporations do business. However, the pandemic has affected this trend, which resulted in an increase in international local hires & the policies/processes involved in managing international foreign hires. Read to find out more.


The Top Four Leadership Trends Organizations Need to Follow in 2022

Based on a McKinsey report, almost 2/3 of US employees claim that COVID-19 has driven deep reflection on their life’s purpose. Findings like these have significant implications on any organization’s talent management strategy. Here are the top four trends you need to be aware of.


Women and Work Right Now- Building the female talent leadership pipeline for a post-Covid-19 world

Covid-19 merely amplified chronic issues, particularly around women and their opportunities for leadership. Now is the time to double down efforts to ensure that women will have the resources going forward. Follow these steps in creating a female talent leadership pipeline.


Best Practices for Nonprofits When Selecting a Search Firm

Organizations need to invest both time and resources necessary to attract and assimilate nonprofit leaders. This guide focuses on providing guidance to HR leaders, boards, and executive directors seeking to utilize professional help during a senior management search.


Ethical Leadership for Nonprofits

It is one thing to exist for the benefit of the public; it is another to earn the public’s trust, which requires ethical leadership and responsible – and responsive – practices.


Women’s Use of the Nonprofit Sector as an Alternative Power Source

Women have long fought to obtain power equivalent to their male counterparts. Women have not been entitled to equal rights, opportunities, or treatment. As a result, they have had to find other ways of exerting influence over societal structure & conventional beliefs.


Word to the Wise: Three Phases of Executive Succession

Don Tebbe, an experienced advisor to nonprofits specializing in executive succession, shared his thoughts and insights on the biggest risks related to succession planning. He reminds us that there are actually 3 phases nonprofits should be mindful of. Click here to find out more.


What the Pandemic Taught Us About Our Nonprofit Leadership Needs

Nonprofit leadership requires a new & diverse skillset to guide organizations in a post-pandemic world. The path forward involves innovation, & investing in leaders who bring qualities to the table that inspire collective growth. Here are some qualities you should look for.


How To Obtain Leadership Roles in Nonprofit Organizations

If you are interested in advocating for social causes, you may want to pursue a leadership role at a nonprofit. The way you gain these roles may vary, but you can follow several simple actions to pursue this career. You can read this article to find out more.


How To Survive And Thrive In A Male-Dominated Workplace

In the past 40 years, we have seen a steady increase of women entering male-dominated fields. However, according to a study, women in male-dominated careers face challenges, and many of them not yet experiencing the benefits. So how can women thrive in these industries?


How Nonprofit Leaders Can Reimagine Success

The pandemic has altered our world. Nonprofit leaders are struggling to cope within a shifting global landscape, reassessing how to work with communities and this calls for broadening the definition of success. How can we reimagine success? Find out here.


Mentors Are Critical for Women Leadership Development. Why Do Women Not Have Them?

Considering the number of talented women, you would expect many of them in senior positions. But data shows a chasm between the number of women starting their careers & those advancing to leadership roles. This is where mentorship is expected to come in.


Self Care Tips for Nonprofit Leaders

Self-care brings countless benefits and longevity. Unfortunately, for so many influential leaders, self-care gets pushed to the back of the list. Here are some tips for non-profit leaders to slow down and take care of themselves.


4 Challenges that Large Nonprofit Organizations Often Face and How to Overcome Them

In order to be successful, large nonprofit organizations often have to overcome some extreme challenges to stay on the right track. This article will discuss these issues and provide tips to overcome them in more detail.


12 Reasons Why Team Building Works

Fun activities help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. A close-knit team will ensure productivity and a good work environment. Here are 12 reasons to start team-building.


How to Effectively Manage a Remote Nonprofit Team

77% of leaders have never managed a remote team before, and 40% of them have low confidence in their remote team management ability. As remote work continues, nonprofit leaders need to re-evaluate and reset some managerial habits & routines.


Ways To Exhibit Fairness in the Workplace

As a manager or employer, try to set policies and principles that provide both things to your employees. Here are some tactics you can implement to create fairness in your workplace.


Women in the Workplace: Why Women Make Great Leaders & How to Retain Them

Organizations that don’t realize the importance of women in the workplace are missing out. Besides doubling your talent pool, more women may also improve your company’s performance.


Board Evaluations: The Complete Q&A Guide for Nonprofits

Students and employees go through evaluations throughout the year. Why are nonprofit boards any different? This may be a shock to some, but with this guide, you can successfully prepare for and conduct successful board evaluations.


How (and Why) To Make Organizational Alignment Happen

In simple terms, organizational alignment is when every member is aware of and agrees on the group’s direction. Typically, that direction is set forth in a strategic plan supported by an implementation and/or operational plan. Here are the steps to help your organization align.


What Does The Future Hold For Women In The Workplace?

The pandemic has ravaged industries, causing unemployment numbers to reach record highs. While everyone has experienced the challenges, women & people of color have been hit harder. Here are a few steps leaders can take to support women in the workplace.


Women in the Workplace 2021

A year and a half into the pandemic, women are even more burned out than they were —and increasingly more so than men. Despite this, women leaders are stepping up to support employee well-being and diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, but that work is not getting recognized.


Can Apprenticeships Solve the Skills Gap?

As the world moves toward COVID-19 recovery, it’s more important than ever for business leaders to equip their, and employees with the skills they need to help them create a competitive edge. Apprenticeships may be the key when it comes to doing this. Read on to find out why.


5 Critical Nonprofit Branding Strategies

When people think of branding, they may associate it with big corporations. But branding is just as important to nonprofits as it is to for-profit businesses. To help you out, here are five essential branding strategies that your nonprofit can adopt to set itself up for success.


Powerful and Effective Presentation Skills: More in Demand Now Than Ever

With many employees working from home or in hybrid mode, there’s a need to find new ways to make effective presentations. Whether you’re delivering your presentation face to face or virtually, solid presentation skills matter. Click here to find out more.


How to Tap Into the Hidden Skills of Your Workforce

Employees have skills suitable for the job they’re hired for, but many have hidden capabilities that are not being used. Read more to know how you can draw from them not only for the organization’s benefit, but also the employees’.


6 Steps to Create a Management Development Program That Works

People need nurture and development to be effective and productive leaders. A management development program is a powerful tool, which develops leaders in organizations. Let’s learn why and how you can jumpstart your program.


A Quick Guide to Managing Your Remote Team in the New Normal

Managing remote teams has different challenges than managing an in-person team. As advanced as communication technology has become, it still can’t replace in-person communication perfectly. Remote-team-management mastery can be achieved though — here’s how.


What Makes a Good Manager (The Ultimate Guide of Dos and Don’ts)

Good managers have to keep the balance between employees’ needs and requirements, business goals, and their well-being and aspirations. If you have just earned this role, prepare yourself for the challenging times ahead.


The Science Of Persuasion: How To Overcome Strong Opinions

The relevance to negotiation is obvious. While we might believe it’s a matter of negotiating prices, or terms and conditions, behind it all is the need to come to a shared opinion. Understanding why and how strongly those opinions are can be the key to a successful negotiation.


How CEOs Should Manage Their Time in the Hybrid Workplace

After months of leading remotely, CEOs must learn to combine the best virtual leadership practices with the best face-to-face management. CEOs must limit the negative consequences of video meetings, rethink assumptions about the reasons to travel, and protect their personal time.


Claiming Women’s Space in Leadership

The future is better with women at every table. Trailblazing women have been claiming their space and demanding women’s inclusion and equality throughout history. Here’s how we can promote women’s leadership in all its forms, and encourage them to claim their space in leadership.


What It Takes to Manage Leadership Change in the Nonprofit Sector

Every organization experiences leadership change. But these days, the nonprofit sector is experiencing a big demographic shift. Which is why it’s essential for all nonprofits to start planning for the kind of thoughtful leadership transitions —including those resulting from both expected and sudden departures — any organization needs to survive and thrive. Read on to know more.


The World Not Only Needs Women Leaders – It Needs Feminist Leaders

What we need are leaders for gender equality – and we need them everywhere in our societal structures. Leaders of all ages, all gender identities and from all backgrounds. These leaders are not just agents of change, but designers of change. They lead through their example and engagement. They expose injustices and unequal opportunities. They know that gender inequalities stem from discrimination and exclusion and that it is only by lifting these barriers that real change can happen. This is feminist leadership. Read on to know more.


How To Be An Incredible Remote Leader: 10 Ways To Build Trust, Support & Get Shared Results

Leading people can be highly challenging – whether you’re working in the same building or you’re spread across the globe. You still need to focus on the elements that have always made leaders effective. Read on to know more.


It’s Time to Separate Managers From Entrepreneurs

Among the things every entrepreneur must juggle is management of production, internal routines and processes, customer relations and personnel. Yet there is sound entrepreneurship theory that separates the two; entrepreneur and manager are not the same. Read on to know more.


Leadership skills: 12 cognitive biases to be mindful of when decision-making

Decision-making under pressure is a core leadership skill needed in life, especially in the hospitality industry. The human brain is very powerful but also comes with its limitations. Indeed, it can’t handle the tremendous amount of data coming in every second… Naturally, in order to simplify information processing, we take short-cuts which are called heuristic or cognitive biases. Read on to know more.


Thank You, No: Three Diplomatic Ways To Set Boundaries With Clients

Setting boundaries is a popular topic these days, and with good reason. So many feel overtaxed or caught in a cycle of burnout, so the desire to throw down a quick “no” to protect boundaries of time and attention makes sense. But how do you say “no” successfully in a business setting if your business is saying yes to client services? Read on to know more.


Promoting psychological safety starts with developing leaders

Organizations that instill psychological safety are more likely to innovate quickly, unlock the benefits of diversity, and adapt well to change—all of which have grown in importance during the COVID-19 crisis. Read on to know  more.


Becoming a Change Agent & Being a Change Manager: What does it mean?

In a world of constant change and technological innovation, where volatility and response time become a survival factor in organizations, companies are beginning to look for new ways to respond to these changes, including new practices and models. Read on to know more.


Nonprofit Leadership: Is There a Gender Gap?

Gender diversity issues loom large in the nonprofit sector. Issues of gender diversity and workplace equality have become mainstream. Read on to know more.


What Your Organization Really Needs from You: Influence and Impact

Leaders in today’s multinational, matrixed, diverse business world have impact through their ability to influence others. In many organizations, authority-based leadership is waning. Success is all about getting others to care about what you care about. The most effective leaders get their teams, their colleagues, and their suppliers to emphasize their priorities. Read on to know more.


How Successful Women Leaders Ask for Help

Research has shown that women tend to ask more questions about assigned tasks and project than their male counterparts. But, as women progress in their careers, they often begin asking fewer questions. Not because they ask for less advice, but because they reframe their questions to exhibit knowledge and insight on the topic to show they are a strong employee and leader. Read on to know more.


Nine Communication Habits Of Great Leaders (And Why They Make Them So Great)

Communication is one of the most essential skills that a business leader needs to master to be successful. Great leaders may develop their communication skills early on in their careers, but they also have created and maintained habits that help them communicate more effectively. Read on to know more.


Hybrid work model: 4 ways leaders can build trust

A hybrid work model combining remote and office work is becoming the go-to strategy as organizations move toward a post-pandemic world. Consider four tips to make hybrid work succeed. Read on to know more.


How to Cultivate Leadership Presence in a Remote Working World

In our rapidly changing world, new pressures are emerging. To navigate more demanding customer expectations, an acute distrust of business and so much remote working, leaders need to find new ways of operating. Cultivating leadership presence is foundational for this to happen. Read on to know more.


Claiming women’s space in leadership

Across all sectors, communities and societies, women have key contributions to make to leadership. From politics and corporations to sports and STEM, diverse leadership benefits everyone. Leaders need to represent the people they serve to best understand their wants and needs. Read on to know more.


15 Ways to Create a Happier Work Environment

Recognition, praise, appreciation, gratitude and flexibility: These are just a few ways to make your work force happier and more productive. Read on to know more.


4 Types of Entrepreneurship: Tips for Women to Succeed in Business

The past few years have seen an increase in entrepreneurial opportunities available to women who are looking to lead and succeed in their own businesses. According to American Express’s “2019 State of Women-Owned Businesses” report, the number of women-owned businesses grew 21% between 2014 and 2019, compared to 9% growth in businesses overall. Another encouraging sign: businesses owned by women of color grew by 43% in the same time period. Read on to know more.


13 Habits of Highly Successful and Effective CEOs

Time is our most precious resource. Every CEO will need to commit to effective time mastery behaviors in order to “win the war for talent” and accelerate business results. Read on to know the habits of highly successful and effective CEOs.

The Journey Of Resilient Leadership: Building Organizational Resilience

In 2020, resilient leadership was tested in the extreme, and the challenges continue into 2021. This COVID-19 crisis is taking its toll on organizations and individuals. In October, Deloitte and Fortune surveyed more than 125 CEOs in the global Fortune CEO community who revealed that their four greatest challenges during 2020 were maintaining employee well-being, sustaining innovation, addressing declining revenues, and engaging customers.


Talent troubleshooting: 5 practical tips for managers

Every manager has talent troubleshooting issues. They come in all shapes and sizes. Here is Dr. Bev Kaye to help you deal with some of the most pressing problems. Bev is recognized as one of the most knowledgeable professionals in career development, employee engagement, and retention. She’s also a resident expert on the SocialTalent learning platform. Click here to know more about the Q&A advice session.


How To Convey Gratitude Across International Teams

Conveying Gratitude Across International Teams: Given that four out of five employees are motivated to work harder after their manager shows gratitude for their contribution, expressing appreciation in the right way is important. Here are tips for ensuring your gratitude is always well received by the team.


5 Proven Ways to Attract & Retain Women Leaders

To attract, develop, retain, and promote talented women, organizations should take a broad view. Here are 5 proven things to consider.


5 keys to successful matrix management

The rise of globalization has compelled companies to keep a geographically broad organization in close communication and with a shared goal. It´s also led organizations to share employees and resources across diverse functions and strategies. To meet these new complexities, more and more businesses and executives are turning to matrix management, a reporting structure for strategies requiring multiple, simultaneous capabilities. Read on to know more.


The Effective Not-for-Profit Board: A value-driving force

This third edition of The Effective Not-for-Profit Board discusses NPO governance within the current
regulatory and stakeholder environment. Read on to better understand the responsibilities
of NPO board members and encourage them to lead their organizations towards more effective
governance practices.


5 Critical Challenges for HR Leaders in 2021

5 Critical Challenges for HR Leaders in 2021: Greg Pryor, executive director at Workday, said that we are experiencing a once-in-a-generation, if not a once-in-a-lifetime, shift in the way HR leaders think about human capital management. In this Q&A, you will learn about the biggest talent management challenges facing HR leaders today.


Issues of gender diversity and workplace equality have become mainstream in the Western world. For decades it seemed the women’s movement was strictly focused on upward mobility, on a woman’s right and determination to do everything a man can do. Now that women have broken so many barriers to that end, the more complex issues of parental leave, childcare, work-life balance, gender discrimination, and equal pay are getting the serious attention they deserve.


Leadership styles and employees’ work outcomes in nonprofit organizations: the role of work engagement

This study aims to investigate the effects of transformational and transactional leaders’ behaviors on employees’ affective commitment and organizational citizenship behavior in the context of nonprofit organizations (NPOs). Click here to know more.


10 Incredible Nonprofits and the Women Behind Them

Today, female leaders today are perceived to be more effective at taking initiative, demonstrating integrity and honesty, and working for results than are their male counterparts, according to a survey from leadership consultancy Zenger Folkman.


Why Leaders Need to Talk about Growth With Their Teams

More people who apply for work are asking about growth opportunities over other benefits in recent years. This is because employees tend to become less engaged and have less confidence when they feel like they’re not making any progress. In such cases, employees start seeking for new opportunities. Read on to know why leaders need to talk about growth with their teams.


The role of leadership in risk management

To ensure the success of risk management in the organization, the senior leadership should invest in, and be accountable for the organization’s risk management programs. This should not be limited to correcting risk situations. Senior leaders should also proactively manage risks by preventing it. Read on to learn more about the role of leadership in risk management.


Changing companies’ minds about women

Despite the significant corporate commitment to the advancement of women’s careers, progress appears to have stalled. The percentage of women on boards and senior-executive teams remains stuck at around 15 percent in many countries, and just 3 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are women.


On Board with More Women in Leadership

IMF staff research from a wide array of perspectives clearly shows the economic benefits of promoting gender equality policies. And the bottom line is this—more women in the workforce and in more senior positions is good news for women, good news for businesses, and good news for their countries’ economies.


Five common decision-making mistakes and how to avoid them

Leaders tend to use different approaches when making decisions. However, conflicts arises when leaders fall prey to overusing one approach or automatically applying a decision-making style without much thought as to what’s needed for that situation. Here are some common decision-making mistakes that leaders should know and how they can avoid them.


Funders Have Not Embraced General Operating Support, Study Finds

Despite the widespread belief that multiyear general operating support is important to nonprofits’ ability to fulfill their missions, many foundations do not provide such support to their grantees, a report from the Center for Effective Philanthropy finds.


Top 7 Tips for Managing Multigenerational Teams

In today’s workplace, you’ll find employees who are born well after the 70s and fresh graduates who are as young as twenty. This means your teams may comprise varying generations. Professionals in each of these generations have their unique work styles, expectations, motivations, approaches, and experiences. As a manager, you must come up with creative ways to leverage these substantial differences to build high-performing, diverse teams, and manage them effectively. Click here to learn more.


Five Qualities Genuine Leaders Have in Common

Five Qualities Genuine Leaders Have in Common: A recent MIT study surveyed top professionals from more than 120 countries about the skills needed for effective leadership in the decade ahead. It found that even more than in the past, leaders need to articulate a clear vision and strategy and provide a sense of shared purpose. Click here to learn more.


Volunteer Management Process: 4 Effective Strategies

An effective volunteer management process can save your nonprofit time, increase engagement, and improve retention rates. However, only about 55% of nonprofits know the impact that volunteerism has on their organization. Click here to learn about the strategies that you have to put in place in deploying a volunteer management process.


6 Financial Skills Every Leader Should Have

Whether you’re a manager or an entrepreneur, financial skills are crucial to your success. These skills help you understand how your organization succeeds or where it falls short, enables smoother communication across departments, and ultimately drives major business decisions. Here are some financial skills, both professional and personal, that you should have in order to be an effective leader.


4 Nonprofit Moms Share Tips for Balancing Motherhood and Their Mission

A handful of nonprofit women CEOs and Executive Directors (who are also moms) were asked these questions: How do you balance being a busy nonprofit leader and mom? What tips would you share with other moms out there who are juggling it all? Click here to know their answers.


Playbook for a New Leader’s First 90 Days on the Job

Leaders’ tenure set the foundation of their future success in the first 3 months. Kristin Harper, author of “The Heart of a Leader: 52 Emotional Intelligence Insights to Advance your Career” provided 5 time-tested approaches for new leaders to get off to a fast start.


5 Ways to Develop Leaders At Your Company

2020 embarks the rise of empowering leadership where leaders drifted away from autocratic type of leadership. With that being said, how can you help our employees develop into strong leaders in the future? Here are 5 ways to do it.


4 Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make as a Fundraiser in 2020

Navigating the so-called new normal can be a challenge even for well-developed international nonprofit organizations. Since fundraising thrives on long-lasting relationships, retaining your donors becomes more important than ever. Here are 4 mistakes that nonprofits should avoid this year at all costs.


What is Change Management Training?

Change is inevitable. Organizations must accept the fact that managing change is essential to ensure that proposed changes are accepted by the team to be effective. Read more to learn the skills needed to manage change.


A practical exercise to build a collective vision for your team

Building high-performing and cohesive teams are one of the most important responsibilities of a great leader. However, this exercise requires intentional practice and persistence. Don’t know where to start? Here are simple, practical exercises that you can follow to jumpstart your road to creating your dream team.


How to Host a Successful Virtual Fundraiser for Your Nonprofit

Nonprofit professionals are no strangers to crisis management, especially when it comes to fundraising. Moving fundraising online allows nonprofit organizations to keep bringing in the much-needed revenue to sustain programs and services. Here is a detailed guide to online fundraising and how to make a smooth transition to virtual events.


Want to lead change at work? Here’s how to grow your influence

For an organization to get work done through and with others across the board, a leader needs to develop and apply influence. In this article, Art Petty, an executive and emerging leader coach, shares his ideas and approaches that leaders can use to engage and succeed in an organization without compromising values.


What’s the Secret to Strong Leadership?

There is a saying that everyone can be a manager but not a leader. To be an effective leader, it takes skills and instincts. So, what separates great leaders from the rest? It’s time to master these fundamentals. Here are the 3Cs that you can adapt to for strong leadership.


Sustainability to Survivability: 5 Nonprofit Finance Must-Do’s in the Time of COVID

Sustainability to Survivability: As nonprofit professionals struggle to devise new operating plans designed to serve as many as possible while protecting and caring for employees, the thought of sustainability seems almost quaint. Here are five steps that nonprofit organizations should do to sustain financial stability.


Embedding Resilience: Addressing the Business Challenges Presented by the Coronavirus.

What are the implications of COVID-19 and how you will best position your business to be resilient in the future? Read on to know more.


Women leaders shine during COVID-19 pandemic

Women only make up 7% of the world’s government leadership roles, but many women leaders are gaining praises for their skillful navigation of the coronavirus pandemic.


Covid-19 impact survey results

BPCA surveyed pest professionals on the impact Covid-19 is having on the sector. Over 900 people answered the survey. Here are the initial findings.


Meet 10 young people leading the COVID-19 response in their communities

By now, most people know that the coronavirus disease has infected nearly every continent. But there’s a lesser-known story that also deserves attention: young people leading the COVID-19 response in their communities. Click here to read their inspiring stories.


Without Empathy, Nothing Works.’ Chef José Andrés Wants to Feed the World Through the Pandemic

Want to be inspired today? Read the story of José Andrés, founder of a not-for-profit non-governmental organization called World Central Kitchen, and how he wants to feed the world through the pandemic.


We Can Work It Out: Managing Workplace Disputes

Did you know that unaddressed workplace conflicts waste, on average, eight hours of time spent on gossip and other unproductive, mission-draining activities? The calculation came from Joseph Grenny, co-author of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High Leadership and Management. Read on to learn more.


Are female leaders more successful at managing the coronavirus crisis?

From Germany to New Zealand and Denmark to Taiwan, women have managed the coronavirus crisis with aplomb. Read on to know more.


An International Perspective: Top Leadership Challenges For 2020

While leaders and managers in every region face many similar challenges, they also face certain challenges that are very specific to the geography in which they’re based. Four academics from around the world share their views on the most important leadership priorities for their markets in 2020. Read on to know more.


What Do Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Have In Common? Women Leaders

Looking for examples of true leadership in a crisis? From Iceland to Taiwan and from Germany to New Zealand, women are stepping up to show the world how to manage a messy patch for our human family.


How to Set Up Your Workplace for Remote and Hybrid Employees

For every task, assignment or project, it’s important to support your employees’ work setting. This will help you determine the kind of equipment and apps needed to ensure productivity. If you’re a manager who’s new in the remote workplace, here are the types of remote workers you should know and how you can support them.


Lessening The Risk Of Coronavirus At Nonprofits

COVID-19 has caused many nonprofit managers to shift their focus to emergency planning for an infectious disease. Your organization might already have plans in place to help mitigate the risk of a public health crisis. The Nonprofit Risk Management Center (NRMC) compiled some tips to help you hone your crisis management skills to offset an infectious disease crisis.


Confronting COVID-19: Why Firms Need to Tap Nonprofit Partnerships

Companies shouldn’t retrench and wait for the coronavirus pandemic to end. They should act now to save their business. But they shouldn’t be alone. Dealing with this COVID-19 will also require partnering with nonprofit organizations to make sure all our communities around the world are getting the support they need. This is why firms should consider tapping nonprofit partnerships.


COVID-19 impact on nonprofits: ‘It’s horrific on multiple levels’

Ann Coffey, CEO of Center for Nonprofit Excellence believes that COVID-19 is “horrific on multiple levels” which forces NFPs to work with limited resources. With revenues disappearing, how can nonprofit organizations cope to mitigate the losses and continue its operations?


Tips for you to address the conflict and get your team focused on the work at hand

Have a hard time mediating the employees in your farm? Is it affecting your operations already? Here are top tips for you to address the conflict and refocus your team on the work at hand.


Most Important Leadership Test In The World

Management consultant and international speaker, Terina Allen, said that the most important leadership test in the world is based on your ability to successfully lead yourself first. Do you have what it takes to pass it? Read to find out

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