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Headhunters and FBI Profilers

*Image Source: Pixabay Headhunters and Profilers. These two fields of endeavor seem to be worlds…

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Challenges and Uncertainties in Ending Hunger

*Image Source: Wikimedia Two of the goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to…

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Challenges in Poverty Reduction in Asia

*Image Source: Pixabay Poverty is an issue that has existed even before recorded history. There…

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Water Crisis in Africa: Its Issues and Challenges

*Image Source: Pixabay Africa seems to be the greatest recipient of abundant water resources. These…

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The Sustainability of Southeast Asia’s Fast Rate of Urbanization: An Issue That Must Be Addressed

*Image Source: Pixabay The present generation has 50% of the globe’s population who reside in…

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