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10 Best Practices for an Effective Nonprofit Hiring Process

Photo by Edmond Dantès from Pexels The employees are considered as one of the nonprofit’s most valuable assets.…

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What’s a Nonprofit Executive Search Firm and Why Nonprofits Should Hire Them Over Standard Headhunters?

Hiring the right people is an organizations’ most important asset. For this reason, nonprofits need…

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Shifting to Green HR Management: Why will it benefit both your department and your organization?

Author: Francesco Dato, PHRi, Senior Consultant at CARRHURE   Green Human Resources Management is a…

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Diversity and Inclusion Practices to Adapt this 2020

Image source: Pixabay One thing that the previous decade has taught us is that the…

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Why Loss of Biodiversity is Equally Important as Climate Change?

It’s undeniable how far humans have become. Men (and women) have done a lot of…

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