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Food Waste: A Problem That Shouldn’t Exist, but it Does: How Our Way of Life Can Help Deal with It.

Photo from Wikipedia Commons Food (including water) is one of human being’s basic needs. We…

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Rethinking How We Can Significantly Reduce Plastic Wastes

Photo from Yesterday, I was watching the News in France. In an almost banal…

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World in our Hands: The Role of Human Behavior in Climate Change

*Image Source: Pixabay You’re probably aware of the expression, “To see is to believe.” In…

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Women and Sustainable Consumption

*Image Source: Pixabay Sustainable consumption is the use of resources that minimizes environmental destruction while…

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The Top Reasons of Unsustainable Agriculture

*Image Source: Pexels Sustainable agriculture has been defined in the last blog post of Carrhure.…

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