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Millions of green jobs are open to people with the right skills. The problem is many don’t have them

More and more companies are looking to hire people with green skills and ‘green hiring’, as the LinkedIn report calls it, is up around 25 per cent compared to other industries.


Wanted: More skills for workers as green jobs grow

Ahead of COP28, LinkedIn says companies are expanding hiring for green jobs, but workers lack the skills needed to meet climate goals.


Green jobs are on the rise, and the upward trend isn’t likely to change in the coming years

The economy is getting greener and that is creating job and career opportunities all across the nation. Green jobs are not new, but as more and more businesses are addressing their own impact on the environment and their communities – often at the insistence of their shareholders and customers – the job market is expanding into nearly every industry.


Workers with Green skills almost a third more likely to be hired

Workers with experience with green and sustainable practices are in a better position to land a job, according to LinkedIn’s Global Green Skills Report. The report took data from 48 countries between 2022 and 2023 to build a picture of worldwide job listings and hiring.


Everything you Need to Know about Green Technology in 2023

In 2023, green technology can feel like the new kid on the block. But the world of sustainable innovation has a long history you probably didn’t know about.


Top 30 Green Jobs for 2023 and beyond

In this blog article, discover the top 31 green jobs for 2023 and beyond that can help you become a part of the growing movement toward a greener future.


Future Jobs: 6 Green Careers Set to Grow in the Next Decade

From urban farming to sustainable design, young people could be set to enter a new world of work. Since the world economy was brought to its knees by the COVID-19 pandemic, economists and world leaders have been busy trying to think of ways to mitigate the damage while simultaneously taking climate action. Read on to know more.


Shifting to Green HR Management: Why will it benefit both your department and your organization?

Green Human Resources Management is a concept that was recently introduced to HR Management, and that was not only introduced to organizations but also to HR Management Programs. But what is Green HR Management? And how is it different from traditional HR Management?


Green management initiatives can be an important factor in forward thinking business organizations around the world.

Did you know that when your employees spend one-third of the day working hard, they’re bound to face some health risks? Care for your employees by following these measures.

The Do’s and Don’ts of work ethics 

Paying heed to the do’s and don’ts of work ethics can make life more pleasant for everyone on the job. Curious to know how you fare? Click here to know the do’s and don’t in Work Ethics.


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