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How Women’s Minds Are Wired When It Comes To Fellow Women

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It is funny to see a girl disliking another fellow girlfriend for no specific reason. Women like having friendship with others as they go on shopping sprees and parties. However, one might see the constant battles with each other.

The question is, what are the reasons women are capable of perpetuating bad female behavior?

Women get threatened

Women get threatened by each other. Women get threatened with another wife who cooks meals very well. Some get threatened with another woman who has a great relationship with her boyfriend or husband. Women get threatened with office mates who they believe have the upper hand in the workplace.

Women get jealous

Jealousy is a mental cancer, says B.C. Forbes. Women naturally are green-eyed monsters that get jealous if they see their female friends have cleaner and larger houses or have a waist line smaller than theirs. Women get to be jealous when other women co-workers are recognized for a task that the others did well.

Women hate NOT to be the center of attention

There can never be a moment when two women share the moment of glory. Women have been accustomed to be at the center stage. Once another woman steals the show, feelings of hatred surface. Women hate it when a beautiful girl attends school with them, or another pretty girl walks down the street while the woman and her boyfriend strolls while holding hands.

Women dislike women who are men’s favorites

If there is a teacher’s pet during school days, there is what we call a boss’ favorite. Often times, women dislike women who seem to have a better working relationship with the boss. Moreover, when a woman goes with the pack of boys, other women seethe with dislike. That woman in question can be the epitome of the charming lady or the head girl. Regardless of the situation, women do not like women who are always with boys.

Women hate talented women

Women have this dream image of themselves. Women want to have the perfect body. Women want to excel in a sport or in a field of profession. Women hate other women who can do things that they cannot do. Women hate women who can fit in slender dress. It is sad that women never get to be happy with the things that they have and try to be a person they are not.

Women are competitive

Women are born to compete with each other. Women compete with each other like having better dresses, or who has better curtains in the house, or who has “smarter” children.

Psychology Behind This Female Behavior

Evolutionary psychology explains why women are competitive. Women, through the theory of natural selection, says that women need to protect themselves. Women protect their wombs. Noam Shpancer explains that women consider it to be prized by men as their main source of recognition and worth. Thus, they have to be competitive with other women.

The second theory is that women are not competing with other women. They are competing with themselves. Or a better way on how others think of themselves. If women see other women being prettier, smarter, sexier, they are thinking of a better version of themselves.

Dangers of This Kind of Women Behavior in the Workplace

The offices are managed daily to have one goal: that is to make everyone reach the mission and vision of the company. When women feel threatened, feel insecure, and feel unappreciated in the workplace, their rational mind often becomes clouded and their emotional side overtakes. This is dangerous as it can create a state of instability within the workplace. If there are tasks that are urgent and need to be done by one team, this unseemly behavior of women can destroy camaraderie, disrupt workflow, make the company lose deals, or create an unprofessional image for the company.


Women have great potentials to become great mothers, wives, daughters, friends, and lovers. They can even become great professionals in their own respective fields of endeavor. However, the environment they grow up with are accustomed to women not liking other women because of the aforementioned reasons. Despite these reasons, women should learn to be kind to other women. This mature behavior should be manifested by women. Competition can be good and improve one’s performance, thus women must be positive with each other. If women act as one in an organization, there is a sure way that the organization will succeed. After all, women belong to the same gender.

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