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How to Win Your Boss in 9 Ways

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Your superiors can be your enemy or your ally. Of course nobody wants to be on your boss’s opposite side. Building a strong and lasting relationship with your boss will do wonders, not only to your career, but also to the growth and progression of the company. There are countless benefits that you can get when you win the heart of your boss. Highlighted below are the effective ways to win your boss:

Do your job well

This is the most basic thing to do, but many employees always oversee this step. This is a great way to get your boss’s attention. Doing a job well done in a consistent, efficient and professional manner will help your boss to focus on critical issues within the company because, in a sense, you’ll become a low maintenance employee. This will leave a good impression on your performance.

Take some time to know your boss

The first thing newcomers do is to get to know their colleagues. This should also be extended to your boss. Sit down with your boss and try to have a conversation. Try to know how he or she would like to communicate, how often he or she wants to hear from you as well as the details that are expected from you. Communicate as much as you can to ensure that your goals and priorities are in sync. You can also know what your boss is passionate about and try to tap into that. What are their interests? What do they do outside of work? Your boss will really appreciate the fact that you took some time to know them and to bond with them. You can also try to have a special relationship with their admin for easier and convenient access. Having open, frequent and clear communication with your boss is essential in having a strong relationship with them.

Assist and support your boss’s professional goals

Your boss’s goals should be your goal and your boss’s problems should be your problem too. Yes, I know that this may be overwhelming and also, you can’t solve all of your boss’s problems, but you have to remember that your job is to make your superior’s life easier. You should find ways on how to lighten your boss’s workload. If you’re successful, your boss will never forget what you did and you will definitely win his or her trust.

Your loyalty should be with your boss.

Sure enough, your boss has imperfections. But this shouldn’t entitle you to talk about them behind their back. Be a loyal, dedicated and honest employee. If you have any concern, do not talk it out with your colleagues. Instead, sit down and discuss it with your boss. Whatever issues you may have, it should only be between the two of you or else, you will lose their trust. Distrust can ruin the professional relationship that you have with your boss.

Take the initiative

Apart from your usual routine, try to think of new things that would help improve the organizations’ processes or try to pursue an area that has not been ventured before. Volunteer to start new projects or assignments, but not to the extent of overloading. You need to have ample time and energy to do well in your new assignment. Taking initiatives will let your boss know that you are capable of doing things successfully with minimum supervision or guidance.

Find solutions to problems

As mentioned earlier, your boss can’t do everything and this also means that they can’t solve everything. Seek potential issues before your boss finds out. During the meeting, you can update your boss about the issue you’ve detected and report how you have resolved it. Sometimes, your superiors would appreciate an employee who provides solutions or who will “roll up their sleeves” and try to address the problem on their own. Whenever problems arise, never complain about it because this will cause negativity within the team and will greatly affect morale and productivity. So avoid complaining and look for ways to solve the problem instead. The more problems you have solved, the more respect you will gain from your boss.

Set realistic commitments or promises and honor them

Anyone can commit and promise anything. A real professional knows how to deliver them. For example, your boss gave you an assignment and you are expected to do it in 2 days, but you feel that you needed more time. It’s better to point out that it would take longer than expected to complete the task rather than saying ‘yes’ but wasn’t able to meet the deadline and to deliver what is expected. You should also demonstrate your organizational skills by being prepared and proactive. The perfect formula is to never promise more than you can do and to deliver more than you have promised. If you consistently do this, you can definitely gain his or her trust in no time.

Take ownership

Whether it’s your fault or not, making excusing and pointing fingers is never a good thing. If something goes wrong under your watch, it wouldn’t hurt to take ownership of the problem. Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong or you’ve committed and face the consequences. This shows integrity which is something that every boss is looking for in their employees.

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Take the opportunity to be vocal during meetings or even in informal conversations. Bosses have respect to an employee who is not afraid to speak their minds. Of course, you have to be careful not to overdo it. There are times that your opinion contradicts your boss’s point of view, but say it anyway as long as your opinion is valuable and will provide a solution to the problem.

Remember, respect is earned, not demanded. Through consistency, diligence and open communication with your boss, you can easily win their trust and be rewarded for the loyalty and dedication that you have given them.


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