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Why use an executive search?

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Today’s search for qualified leaders is tough and competitive. Everybody wants to get the big fish, but in doing so, you have to do various approaches to fill the position with the right person, with the right combination of skills and knowledge and with the capacity to provide the expertise needed by the organization. The cost of looking for ‘the one’ is overwhelming and appointing the wrong person will cost the organization serious amount of money.

Despite intentions of hiring from within the organization, there are times when the company doesn’t have viable internal candidates, available resources, network or perhaps the evaluative eye to recruit on their own. This is when a third party comes to help in the recruitment process.

However, some people might ask, “Why choose an executive search firm to fill this kind of position? Why not consult a contingency recruiter?”

By definition, executive search firms are consulting firms composed of management experts hired by clients to provide advisory services in terms of identifying, assessing and selecting the best candidate. Contingency recruiters, on the other hand, are recruitment experts who present a pool of talents to who will fit the criteria set by the organization. This is usually the front end of the search leaving the rest of the selection process to the client.

Executive searches are client-centered who starts the process by getting to know the client’s organization, culture, and recent changes. They work on one assignment at a time which is very helpful in terms of hiring high-level positions. Contingency recruiters are focused on placing multiple positions with the best talents as soon as possible which is applicable for lower and mid-level positions.

This being said, we should go back to the first question, “Why use an executive search?”

Executive search firms provide rigorous selection process for high-stake senior hires

As mentioned earlier, hiring senior executives is not only challenging but also costly. Executive searches conduct search calibration with the client to ensure that the firm is adhering to the criteria set by the organization. This is also a great opportunity to see if the firm was able to find the candidates the clients are looking for.

Executive search firms specialize in hiring senior professionals and dealing with issues that may arise along the way

There are times when the perfect candidate is not available to take the position within your organization because they are quite satisfied with the treatment that they receive from their current employers. Executive search firms conduct outreach via email or phone to connect with experts and present a feasible offer that might compel them to change company or careers.

Executive search firms offer utmost commitment

Executive search firms are retained to receive a proportion of the total fee upfront. This serves as an assurance that the firm will represent the company and will dedicate extensive time and effort to invest in the project that might take 6-8 months depending on the time needed to find the candidate with the right caliber. This will allow the firm to approach a substantial number of qualified applicants in the marketplace, to have a pool of suitable candidates, to have a short list of people for final evaluation and to convince the qualified candidate to take up the role.

More than anything, we have to keep in mind that executive search firms aide in identifying the leadership level that the candidates should have, the challenges that the candidates may face and the qualities that they should possess to be successful in their new job.

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