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The Shock of Being Assimilated To A Neophyte

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As a professional in the business of headhunting, I have gathered extensive experiences that made my former companies proud of. I have learned the basics of the business, was mentored by superiors, and eventually became a pillar for the company.

Let me share with you my experience.: In my journey as a career professional in Executive Search, I realized I can do better than being just a mere employee of the company I was with. My heart and circumstances (providence or fatality) told me I had to do more. Thus, I started my own Executive Search Company—CARRHURE.

I know that there are challenges in starting one’s own company. Being a start-up, in the midst of established brands, is like a small fish competing with big fishes. However, my dreams surpassed the challenges that I had foreseen.

Now that I have establishing my own personal brand with my motto, the nucleus of my values, I realize that these challenges that I had foreseen before are really that challenging. Here are some of these shocking revelations that I experienced and am experiencing in running my own personal Executive Search company.

Perceived demotion from an expert headhunter to a neophyte

When I was in my previous companies, I was considered as an expert in the field of headhunting. Clients, superiors, and even colleagues considered me as a person who performed headhunting in the best way. Their trust and confidence could be felt right through in events and career searches.

However, as I established my own personal brand, this seeming trust and confidence eroded. Many cannot figure it out why I would stake my professional success into a journey filled with uncertainties. Thus, it seemed like I was demoted from an expert headhunter to a neophyte who does not know how to manage a headhunting case!

Professional skills associated with the established brands

A great headhunter has professional skills that are honed and developed as one builds through experiences. A headhunter learns how to be great in negotiation, how to listen well to both clients and candidates, improves his marketing skills, network, and learning how to read body language. These skills do not get lost when a person stops working for an established brand and starting one’s own company.

However, in my journey in creating CARRHURE, clients and colleagues seemed to think that I had lost of these professional skills just because I had established my own company. Food for thoughts…

Challenge of establishing one’s own brand

Most people forget that successful companies always had a beginning. Most often than not, these companies had their own set of challenges and obstacles that hindered their success. People who understand these circumstances are the ones who can only understand or empathize with the challenge of establishing one’s own brand. Thus, a person who are not well-versed with these success stories often underestimates the mission and vision of start-up companies.


Establishing one’s own company is a leap of faith. There are unseen, invisible challenges that will hinder the growth of a company because people see one as a neophyte. Despite these challenges, I really enjoy empowering people, including myself. This world needs pioneer, people who start from scratch despite all the stones in my way, I always say to colleagues, friends, candidates “Be yourself “!

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