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New Year’s Resolution for HR Professionals

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As the world approaches the Year of the Rooster, people often think about New Year’s Resolutions. Personally, individuals think about being more health conscious, having a work-life balance, or just working out more. The question now is how about one’s professional life?

Human Resource professionals are responsible for various facets of the workplace. HR is a dynamic field and its importance increases with organizations. In order to keep up with the pace, it imperative that you, as an HR professional, must do better this 2017. Here are suggestions to improve as an HR professional.

Create a positive working environment

In order to retain top talent especially for millennials and for Generation Z, the workplace must have a positive relationship. Researchers discovered that employees remain at work if they have someone they consider as a best friend.

A flexible work schedule

According to World At Work national survey administered in 2013, 80% of companies offer flex time, teleworking, and part-time schedules to their employees. Flex time ranks on top of the list.

Train future leaders

The next ten years will be witness to numerous retirements as the baby boomers will retire. It is imperative that young employees must be trained to take on these leadership positions. You should determine what skills are required and search if current staff possess those skills.

Review HR policies and procedures

You should be updated with all the changes that occur in the HR community. You will become a significant asset if you update yourself with current changes.

Assist employees to set and achieve their goals

It is a great move to focus on health and wellness as a New Year’s resolution. It fosters a positive partnership between HR and employees. You can find discounted memberships on clubs that promote healthy living.

Give positive feedback regularly

Workers find it rewarding to obtain positive feedback. You should ensure that the feedback is genuine, appropriate, and timely. This further creates a more positive workplace environment.

Be the HR department other companies desire to have

HR professionals must evaluate your company’s strengths and weaknesses. You should enhance your strengths and work on your company’s weaknesses.

Human resources will always be a significant go-between the organization and the employees. It is not enough to have a profitable business, but also to have a desirable workplace.

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