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Four Smart Strategies in Recruiting Millennials

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Companies are searching for new tech-savvy talents. There was a period of time when the lowest of all positions was all that a company can offer. With the changing needs of the economy, these millennials are aware that their skills are in high demand. These young techies also know that they can connect with people in various methods that add to phone and email.

Millenials, also known as Generation Y, are individuals born between 1980 and 1999. Publishing, communications, and technology are readily accessible to these people. Thus, their lifestyle and career are different from past generations.

Companies that know how Millennials think and how they are motivated will have security in keeping their top talents and not have these employees proselyted by competitors.

Although Millennials are still attracted to the big bucks, this is not their foremost motivation. They still desire growth and progression as well as work that challenges them.

Here are five smart strategies in recruiting millennials:

Use social platforms they use.

Companies must use the social media channels that these millennials use. New potential candidates can be connected through creating and maintaining company profiles in Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Furthermore, these allow them to network and interact with the company’s employees.

Show that work is fun.

Millennials acknowledge that a great amount of their time would be spent at their workplace. This is the reason why they always try to check if they will be able to fit in the culture of the company. This implies that workplace is an inspiring place to do one’s jobs where individuals respect and collaborate with.

When hiring millennials, employers should showcase the opportunities that work is fun. Millennials are attracted to companies that have employees that are able to build strong relationships with them.

Show importance to all recruits, this involves those who are not hired.

Companies should acknowledge everyone that they have applied. HR professionals should maintain good relationships with Millennial applicants. These include those who are hired and not hired. They usually tell other friends and family about their experience. If they have a good experience with the recruitment process, these recruits can turn into recruiters.

Share what it is like to work in the office.

One method of promoting company brand and culture is to showcase what it is like to work in the office. Potential hires can spend time in the office and just mingle with the developers. It provides them a great idea on what a working environment is.

Human resource officers can create a video depicting a day in the life of an employee. Videos serve as a screening method that allows candidates to preview their potential employers.


Millennials desire similar things as that of previous generations. This group just shows them differently.

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