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Why Developed Countries Must Help Developing Countries: The Importance of Giving

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Everyone lives in one planet. We breathe the same air. See the same sun rise from the east and set in the west. However, even with these simple yet essential things, resources are not equally distributed in different countries. Thus, there are those who belong to the developed nations while there are others that belong to developing countries.

With this unequal distribution, it is crucial that developed countries must do their part in helping those who belong to the underprivileged sector. It is true that rich countries have their own problems to worry with; however, it is still their responsibility to help those who are in dire need.

Aid has diverse results. It can both harm as well help development. Rich countries might be sidetracked in terms of focusing on programs that will spur development: Asian and African nations should create long-term plans that will reduce the dependency on aid, while rich countries should transition from traditional methods of giving support in new ways.

Rich countries still argue on the premise that they cannot afford aid or that they are being over-generous. The main idea here is not that they are questioning the aid itself, but the development project. Rich countries must come to the poor countries’ aid as these people from poor nations face injustice and hardships that are often caused or increased by the programs and decisions of rich nations themselves.

However, giving aid is not really an act of generosity. Aid purchases things that donors desire. These might include political support in exchange for the “goodies” that the donor has provided. Rich countries must show support to the poor by abiding with the social, environmental, and accounting norms of international companies in their jurisdiction. It can also include adapting to climate change by changing one’s own consumption. Another is to accept fairer trade rules.

Rich countries can show true generosity by creating changes in their manner of living. It would be awkward that rich countries believe they are being generous when they give out dole outs or loose change when poor people around the globe are trying to live on a few basics while living under the system that rich countries have developed.

It is a reality that there are also poor people in rich countries who undergo tough times. However, it is not ethical to withdraw support from people abroad who are more underprivileged just because there are poor people in rich countries that need help as well.

Many argue that the poor countries that rich countries provide financial aid to are doing better economically. It is possible that these countries are growing and catching up with the rich countries’ standard of living. Say for example, the annual income of India might have greatly improved. However, when one divides that with the whole population, each Indian conceptually lives on a mere $3 per day. When the true numbers are crunched, the wealthier Indians may be enjoying more comfortable lifestyles, while the underprivileged Indians are living on even less than a dollar a day.

This deep, far-reaching issue requires obtaining the correct facts not only on financial aid, but also on the act of generosity as it applies to the recipient of that generosity. One thing is very clear, however: Wealthier countries have a responsibility of giving to those countries that are in dire need.

This is why at CARRHURE, we have decided to act, to do something for others. Our motto, “In the Heart of Business, business with a Heart,” is beyond a promise.

Deeply committed with the NFP sector, concerned about the future of the children across nations, CARRHURE has offered books to the famous Necker Hospital and the Apprentis d’Auteuil in France. In parallel, we have offered books to children aged 4 to 8 in the Alay Pag-Asa Foundation. Books in Filipino, for Filipino kids telling stories about courage and dreams.


And indeed, we at CARRHURE would like to see them take courage and reach for those big dreams, and SOAR.

Soar high above poverty, and hopefully become contributing, thriving citizens of their respective nations. By doing business with a heart, we at CARRHURE hope to contribute to these children’s launch in life.

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