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Carrhure successfully filled 2 positions – The story behind the success

We are happy to announce that we have successfully filled two high level positions for reputable NGOs such as the AfricaRice Center and Gavi the Vaccine Alliance.


Despite the challenges faced by the company to accomplish this assignment, we were able to champion the situation and meet the specifications of our client with satisfactory results.

“As part of the executive search team, we treated the assignment with great professionalism. Finding the suitable candidate is not easy, but through constant communication with the client and making sure that we incorporate all of their input makes the job much easier.”  said Jewel Ruiz, Researcher Associate of Carrhure

We continue to process 4 positions for AfricaRice, Gavi and the FAO:

  • Deputy Director General of Research for Development or DDGR4D (AfricaRice Center)
  • Senior Specialist HSIS Supply Chain (Gavi the Vaccine Alliance)
  • Senior Country Manager (Gavi the Vaccine Alliance)
  • ADG, Chief Economist position (FAO or Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

To know more about the filled positions, you can click on this link for details: CARRHURE Successfully Filled Positions

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