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6 Types of Terrible Bosses

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As we all know, the main reason for top talents to resign from their work is a bad manager. Often times, we hear people say that people quit, not because of their jobs, but because of terrible bosses.

So, how do we know if we are an “incredible” boss or a “terrible” one?

Today, we will show you 6 terrible bosses, and how they drive employees away:

  • Distrustful Boss

These are the type of bosses who continually question your every move or decision. They don’t believe in your abilities, thus making any employee frustrated and looking over their shoulders.

“Trust” creates a positive environment in the workplace. It’s nice when your boss trusts you — when he or she asks for your opinion or give you an important project to do on your own. This creates a sense of pride, a feeling that you’re good at what you do and is valued by the organization.

  • Unappreciative Boss

These are the type of bosses who doesn’t recognize your hard work and good performance. Employees who are not appreciated for a job well done are likely to lose motivation.

An instant promotion for making the company better and achieving a part of the company’s objectives is great, but there is nothing wrong in offering “a pat on the back”, “thumbs up!” or a public recognition.

  • Dishonest Boss

These are the type of bosses who lacks the virtue of honesty, transparency and integrity. When employees found out that their boss lied, it strains the employee-manager relationship to another level.

Tarnished trust will leave the employees wondering if he or she should obey the directions of their boss. Everything that the boss will say will be subjected to doubt and it would be difficult for the boss to lead and manage the team.

  • Difficult Boss

These are the type of bosses who let their employees feel left out, feel small, unappreciated, put down and treated as “non-existent”. This is something to do with the superior’s capability as a manager, a leader or as a person. Are they willing to acknowledge, appreciate and recognize who we are and the efforts we put forth?  

No matter how awesome the job is, if you are a difficult boss, your employees will look for better opportunities elsewhere.

  • Demanding Boss

These are the type of bosses who have problems with delegation. They are “overworking” their employees without considering their current workload and without checking how realistic the deadlines are.

Even if employees are resourceful and talented, if they keep on receiving very challenging and close-to-impossible projects, they will have the tendency to burn out. This practice will suffocate them in the process and will leave them no choice, but to resign.

  • Biased Boss

These are the types of bosses who promote undeserving people out of favor. Once you promote someone unworthy of a reward over hard-working employees, it would be a massive insult. They will immediately look for other jobs where their hard-work will be compensated and valued.

Always remember the Golden Rule: Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. We will always reap what we sow, so we have to be very careful with how we treat our employees. They are the people behind the organization’s success so it would be fair to return the favor. Let’s give them a reason to make them want to work with you.

Did you encounter any of these bosses? Comment your experience below and share with us how you deal with them.

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