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5 Tips to Achieve Work/Life Balance

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Office life these days are very toxic. You have to draft reports, attend meetings, meet deadlines, etc. There’s nothing wrong with it because the more you work hard, the better you will be rewarded. But you can’t deny the fact that your professional life can seriously burn you out. And once you feel burned out, that’s when work becomes a burden and you might end up questioning yourself why you’re doing it in the first place.

That is why companies are adapting a concept that helps their employees prioritize properly between their work and their lifestyle. This is termed as ‘work/life balance’.

Most people might ask, is that possible? People are skeptic because you can either excel in your professional life, but neglect your personal life or have a meaningful time with yourself, family or friends, but your career is not as good as you dream it would be. For most people, they have a hard time getting both.

What if we tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE?

Below are some of the sure-fire tips on how you can balance your work with your personal life.

Be honest about your needs.

Nobody knows what you need other than you. So take this time to reflect on the things that matter to you. Be open and don’t hide it. For example, your boss will never know how important eating meals with your family is unless you speak up.

Prioritize equally

Once you identify what you want and what’s important to you, that’s when you can start to prioritize. What are the things that you have to do and when is the best time for you to do it? If you feel that exercising in the morning can energize you, go for it. If feel that you are more productive at night, then choose to work at night. If you need to unwind, then take a 15-minute coffee break.

Whenever you set your priorities, always keep in mind that your personal life is just as important as your professional life. You don’t have to schedule all your personal activities after work. It should be a yin yang.

Also, prioritization keeps you focused on important matters and reduces the unnecessary stress that comes with an urgent focus on less timely or unimportant tasks.

Set boundaries

When you’re at home, you should be focused on yourself or your family. When you’re at work, you should leave your personal problems at home. Take a vacation when you have the chance. When you’re on vacation, turn off your work phone and don’t check your emails. You set your priorities and you have to stick to it. This will give you a sense of freedom because you are able to do what you have to when you have to and you will have undivided attention on the things that you are currently doing.

Start small and work your way

Rome is not built in a day. You have to understand that if you drastically change your lifestyle, there is a tendency that you will fail because you are not yet physically, mentally and emotionally ready. You can start with having dinner with your friends every Friday. Then, after a few weeks, you can add another activity like enhancing your computer skills every weekend.  Gradually adding personal and professional activities reduces stress and lessens pressure when it comes to committing to your new lifestyle.

Pace yourself accordingly

Sometimes, we are too engrossed with our work, that we forget about the other important stuff that we have to do. You have to constantly check yourself. Do you have to speed up or slow down? Self-awareness is the key. Doing so will help you enjoy the ride in a stress-free and hassle-free way.

Do you have other tips in maintaining a work/life balance? We would love to hear from you. You can comment your answers in the section below.

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