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4 Smart Ways to Recruit Tech Talent

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Employers are scrambling to fill in IT positions because they know the gravity of the IT talent war in today’s job market. Companies are competing with each other to convince tech potentials to join their organizations through higher salaries and unbelievable office perks.

The fight in tech talent has become stronger than ever before. The reason behind this is that there is a huge demand for professionals in companies that desire to invest in tech. The pool of qualified IT applicants are not increasing. There is an imbalance between supply and demand.

If you are wondering how to recruit and hire tech talent you need, here are five tips in obtaining the best candidates for your team:

Review existing employees.

It is possible that as you search for new tech talent, the candidate that you are searching for is already under your payroll. In a commentary in Business News Daily, it is recommended that current employees must be considered in tech positions.

Your staff might have the skills that you have not discovered yet. Most likely, they are being poached by other recruiters.

Ask for an expert’s advice.

Technology is unique as it requires a person to have specific, tangible skills. Human resource professionals are not adept on assessing computer skills of candidates. In a commentary in Forbes, CIO’s were surveyed and it was found out that 67% of these pool of individuals acknowledge that they face challenges in searching for qualified IT talent. The solution is for the company to team up with a tech pro on recruiting.

Speedy hiring.

Smaller companies need to find the right person. It does not mean that you should hire the first person who applies but it does not also imply that a company must wait weeks or months to make a decision. Companies that succeed in recruiting tech pros are those who move fast in securing their candidates.

Enhance engagement.

Companies must create a brand culture that will make their current employees stay and not be poached by other tech companies. In a recent study, Fortune 500 reported that tech companies have the highest turnover of any industry. IT professionals that are being planned to be hired is approximately 44 percent. Moreover, employers must innovate workplaces such as having work-from-home options, flexible schedules, and acknowledging that employees have family lives.


The fight to have the best pool of IT talents in companies is ever increasing. Your company can have an edge when it comes to hiring IT talents if you follow the steps.

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