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2017 New Year’s Resolution To Recruiting Companies

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Recruitment will be more competitive this 2017 compared with 2016. There is a greater possibility that what your company has been doing for the past few years will not be as effective this coming year. Thus, it is imperative that your company must do your best in attracting the best talent, engage these great candidates, and hire them in your fold. The following are some recommendations on how you can do that.

Learn from your own sales and marketing teams

You can learn some of the best strategies in recruitment from your own sales and marketing teams, according to a commentary by Decision Toolbox. You can deal with your potential candidates as your sales team would approach a prospective client. Having a clear value proposition would convince a future team member in joining your company. Do not be satisfied in just giving out a job description in order to attract talents. You should make the company the best choice for your potential client.

Utilize New Technology

You can make the recruitment process easier for both your recruiters and candidates. Sonru suggests the following tools in order to make the procedure a delightful one.

Application Tracking System (ATS)

This great tool allows recruitment agencies in managing the process right from the initial CV screen to making an offer. ATS is applicable to all kinds of businesses and can be personalized to your company’s recruitment requirements.

Video Screening

The initial screening of candidates can use video interviewing. The use of video interviewing can remove the difficulties experienced by recruiters such as setting appointments, pairing up with time zones, travel costs. It makes the whole process easier for the candidates as it permits them to finish the screening within their comfort zones.

Keep candidates informed.

Candidates desire to be updated in their application. It is best for recruitment companies to earn the reputation that they keep candidates informed during the whole process. This includes applicants who are hired and those who are not. Your application tracking system should automatically thank each candidate for applying. If a position is filled up, the candidates should be made known. If your company interviewed the person face-to-face, then you should inform them personally through a phone call.

Be serious with content marketing.

Your company should step up with content marketing, as per commentary of Recruiter UK.

You should hire a content manager who will set up a content calendar. It allows your company to consistently publish thought-provoking content. You can also check if you need to create customized content during holidays or major events.

2017 is going to be a great year for recruitment companies. If you need help with your recruitment needs, you can contact Carrhure as this company specializes in finding great talent for your professional needs.

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