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10 Awesome Steps in Creating an Environmentally-Conscious Office

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The status of the environment is one big cause that people must take into consideration. Here are 10 awesome steps in creating an environmentally-conscious office.

Conserve electricity.

Most people tend to forget that there is a great power shortage in the global arena. Computers, photocopiers, printers, and other equipment must be turned off. Computers and monitors must be set to their most energy efficient settings. Lights must be switched off when leaving a room. Fluorescent bulbs must be preferred over incandescent ones. Natural sunlight must be taken advantage.

Practice 3Rs.

The environmental mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle must be practiced in the offices. This means more than throwing old memo in the trash can. Office personnel must think of everything that they use. Considerations like the use of disposable cups at the water cooler must be taken into account. The paper must be used on both sides. Moreover, it would be best to include another R to the 3Rs and this is Refuse. People must not purchase things that they do not need. Bags must be brought every time purchases are made.

Utilize Environment-Friendly Office Supplies.

These environment-friendly office products might cost a little bit more than the non-environment-friendly ones. These may cost 5% more. Offices can begin with using 100% recycled paper, non-toxic highlighters, refillable ink cartridges, and others.

Utilize Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies.

Each country has its own brands that are toxic-free. Cleaning companies and maintenance personnel  should be encouraged to use green cleaning products. If these cleaning companies will not practice this step, then offices must switch to other companies that do so.

Choose Eco-Friendly Food.

Offices must promote the use of the 100-mile diet. First, use local food. Second, choose food that is organic. Managers must order lunch like having vegetarian choices. The planet will greatly improve if meat consumption is cut down.


Workers can be encouraged to work from home. This would be best especially if workers have to drive to work. Pollution is cut down and time for work is maximized to its full potential.

Use carpools.

Encourage employees to do carpools instead of using public transit. This also decreases pollution.

Target a Paperless Office.

It may seem unrealistic to have a paperless office. However, it would be best to cut down on printed material whenever it is possible. Print documents when necessary and read on-screen. Paper products must be 100% recycled.

Implement a Casual Dress Code.

Workplaces would have a better environment if cooling costs are kept down. Suits would not be  best during hot summer months.

Be Organic.

It would be a great idea to purchase fair trade, organic tea, and coffee. Employees must be encouraged to bring their own mugs when they purchase hot beverages outside. Coffee shops provide small discounts to patrons who do such. Waste reduction is even practiced.

Following these 10 awesome steps in creating an environmental-friendly office would be obtained if these steps are religiously followed.

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